Thursday, December 30, 2010

Celebrating the 3 most special years of my lyf!!!!

Can you imagine our love is going to turn 3?????I feel it was just yesterday that we met, don’t know how these 3 years passed by..When I met you I did not even dream that am meeting my life..You know what you just found me when I was looking for you!!!Before you came into my life, I was a lifeless person; I had no identity of my own but you gave me a distinct identity..I had just given up my battle but you gave me a reason to continue my fight!!!You gave me strength, you taught me how to love and showed the meaning of life..You taught me many of those things my parents were supposed to teach me..You loved me unconditionally..As each and every day passed by, you gave me new reasons to love you more and more and more and even more..You are a gem of a person, just not good; you are the best, better than the rest!!!!You know what people say oxygen is very important for the pumping of the heart and it is important for our existence..But I feel I can still live without these but cant imagine living without you!!!!Today we complete 3 eternal years together and as destined we aren’t together again, but I can still feel your arms around me and that is giving me d strength to live on!!!
I LUV U…………<3<3<3….……….And will always do.............................!!

Jaishree Ram,

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Marriage: The 20 commandments..............................!!

Never married, but am happy to get hitched..

Marriage, for me, is a drive along the highway with some surprise hairpin bends and many wrong turns..It is a drive in which I pay for the petrol and she drives the car..Both are necessary..Woman’s lib and feminism make it increasingly difficult to reduce ‘happily married’ to a successful formula..What works for me may not work for you..But here is my list of all that I expect from my woman:
  •     Only straight women please..I agree that tastes vary but I am not interested in experimental stuff..
  •     I am also not interested in a 2100 sq feet house!  I would be perfectly happy even if we have a small home full of fond memories..
  •     Properly dressed is always ‘in’, but I would prefer her to at times even wear pink tops with purple buttons..
  •     I will call her mother ‘mom’ only when I am comfortable with it because there is no point saying it and not meaning it..
  •     I would prefer to live separately from both our parents but will prefer proximity to both of their houses..Living with them might be difficult, but it’s even more difficult living without them..
  •     We would require to eat at least one meal with the full family because ‘the family that eats together stays together’..
  •     If her brother or cousin likes something I have, I’ll buy it for him/her; but he/she won’t be getting my books, food, clothes, watches, shoes.............
  •     She mustn’t get fussy if I get a little crazy from time to time..
  •     If she is married to the television she shouldn’t expect me to take care of her..Instead ask the TV..
  •     Don’t expect me to follow every ritual..It’s not certain that she’ll live a 100 years, even if I do all the poojas..
  •     She mustn’t get angry if I drag her to cinema halls to see new releases..Instead she herself must too be a movie buff..
  •     She mustn’t compare me to her family..They are unique and so am I..
  •     Just as her parents are important to her, so are mine to me..
  •     I don’t mind helping her at the household chores, provided she is willing to chip in too..
  •     I would occasionally like to have fun with friends, no questions asked..Similarly she can have her girls nit out with no questions asked by me..
  •     We can argue and even swear, but it’s important that to sit and talk afterwards..
  •     I’m not the DINK (Double Income No Kids) type..I don’t mind kids at all..But there should be no pressure to have children..I should be allowed to have a say as to when we should have kids..
  •     I am happy to go on one vacation every year and I won’t mind if she asks her parents or mine to accompany..Or we could go alone..That possibility is always there..
  •     We must share all the expenses..Except on her/my birthday..On our anniversary, both of us go Dutch..
  •     If there is respect, loyalty, honesty, trust and the most important word ‘adjust’, rather than ‘compromise’ love will never die........!

Jaishree Ram,

Monday, December 6, 2010

Wipro it is..........!!

AM PLACED......Finally am placed..All of you who must have had read my previous post would be knowing exactly how I was feeling that night when I didn’t get selected in TCS when most of my friends had been selected..But I have a happy smile on my face now because I am placed..

Placed with a salary package that ranges from 2.75-3.25 lakhs per annum.. I hope that I get the higher end of the package..Moreover I did come to know one thing that whatever happens, happens for a reason..

I did not clear the written round in TCS as God knew that I was good in giving interviews and would make it through but God also knew that my girlfriend would not be clearing the interviews in TCS..She although did clear the written round..But now again we both cleared the written rounds in Wipro and again did clear both the technical and HR interviews..

I just hope that we both get placed in the same city..I have opted for Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai..Although I wish I had the option of getting my job in Mumbai but my employers did not give us the option of Mumbai-my dream city..

All in all I just would want to quote the words that a friend of mine once put up as his facebook status, “Of the countless hours spent..Of the thousand tears of anger and frustration..Of all the daydreams seen..Of all the sacrifices made..Of all the effort given..Of all the thoughts put in..Of the audacity to dare to dream..Of all the mental trauma..Of all the trouble and tension..You know what..???......................WAS WORTH IT !!!    \m/  

So, I am not CEO but but but, “I am placed, bitch...!”

Jaishree Ram,

Sunday, November 28, 2010

TCS is not getting me..!!Let’s see who needs me..!!

The feeling is awful..My dream company went by giving me a breeze and I could not even unbutton my shirt..The problem was with me that I did not study hard enough in my college life..Had I studied as hard as I studied in my school life I might have got a direct interview with the HR..
The criterion was that all pupils who have above 75% in their school as well as college life can sit directly for the interview..I dint qualify for that as my college cgpa is just four points away from the stipulated mark..But still I had a chance to write the written aptitude test and try to get my place in the esteemed organization..But, similar to my college life, I screwed up here as well..I couldn’t get past the aptitude round..Although I had the attitude but your attitude gets checked only after your aptitude..
The night I did not clear the written round was one of the worst for me as an individual..The best thing was that all my friends got the interview call and were more or less sure that they are in..The worst feeling used to struck me when all my college mates used to congratulate me and I had to dole out, “I did not get through”..On top when I wished my friends congrats they all replied back unknowingly with a bolt from the blue, “Same to you”..Hah..Sorry dude there is no same to you in this story..I did not get cleared..
Any ways loads of companies still to come in campus..Tomorrow have Wipro coming our way..Then have Hcl, Mindtree, L&T and Dolcera..Although I never had any intensions of going into any company other than my dream company TCS under the safe and sound security of the Tata group but as the saying goes, “Beggars can’t be choosers..”
So people wish me luck......................!!And ya..Congrats to all my friends and foes who got placed in TCS at 868 rupees per day..And all those who did not get placed just remember, “Picture abhi baki hai mere dost..We all will have Happys Endings”..

Jaishree Ram,

Friday, November 26, 2010

A one in a billion shot...............................!!

Can you imagine being in position to get one of these photos.....................................??

Jaishree Ram,

Friday, November 19, 2010

Facebook generation is the loneliest group..!!

This is my 50th post on my blog and I couldn’t find a better topic than talk about the most talked about topic in our daily lives.. ”Facebook..........................................................................................!!
Believe it or not a survey report which came out in the Times of India revealed that the Facebook generation, i.e. 16 to 24 year olds, are lonelier than any other age group..This survey was done by the famous BBC radio 3..
This report revealed that in this age group among every three persons, one said that they are bored with their lives and 28% complained loneliness and thus turned to drinking and even were happy to flaunt it when asked..The report revealed that more than a quarter of them turned alcoholics just for mere comfort and half admitted to using junk food as an emotional crutch..
Now when we go into the reason behind this unhappiness some would be pretty common as we might have ourselves faced such a situation..Finances tops the list of the causes followed by the inability to hold onto a job..Some even said that they were unhappy because of family reasons..Some had some long term tiffs with their parents and some completely abhorred their parents..All in all Money was the root cause of all the loneliness and unhappiness..
Another cause which showed its presence was the absence of a relationship..Some are tormented by their inability to snug up to the opposite sex and initiate a relationship while some turn to loneliness because of a recent relationship break up..
Mark Zuckerberg
All I want to say is that the colloquial term, “Facebook me!!” is just an alternative for this generation group’s unhappiness..People who feel that they are left off by their parents and are not loved on by anyone..People who care more for a Levis T shirt rather than a spending that money on calling up their parents or loved ones in the opposite sex and sorting out the differences and misunderstanding that might have cropped up..
I know I too fall in the same age group and cannot prevent myself from being addicted to the facebook but I have started feeling that Mark Zuckerberg, the youngest billionaire ever and the founder of the facebook, himself telling us the very exact words that he was once told by a girl, “You are not an ass hole, but you are trying so hard to be one......................................!!”

Jaishree Ram,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kiss of Soul!!-—TT4

Jaishree Ram,

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Moments when you are allowed to say Oh Shit, WTF…!!

Jaishree Ram,

Friday, November 5, 2010

An unexpected help!!!!

Have you ever been in the midst of any difficult problem??Has it ever happened to you that you are in the midst of complete deep shit??Has it ever happened to you that you are sitting alone and thinking about how to come out of it??Has it ever happened to you that you feel that if you don’t do any specific work you will have a heavy loss, maybe monetary or personal??Has it ever happened to you that you can see the problem right in front of you but you can’t help yourself to come out of the problem??Has it??If it has then this post is for you as you will be the one who can co-relate himself to the situation and put yourself in my shoes and think what was going on in my mind and how I must have been feeling..!
It so happened that this semester am having less attendance in most of the subjects..So I was pretty scared that what would happen..I had already had a talk with my teachers and they all told me to submit an OD (On Duty) letter to the class in charge..This OD letter is meant to mark my attendance for the time period of CHAKRAVYUHA ’10, a national level tech fest which is held under the banner of the School Of Mechanical Engineering, an integral part of the SRM University..I worked as the PRO for the above said event..So I did submit the OD letter and went off..
A few days back my class in charge called up and he informed me, rather intimidated me that my attendance was still falling short of the 75% bench mark by just 3.5%..I again was terribly scared as to what would happen and getting detained in the penultimate semester would be a death blow to my chances of getting placed in the campus interviews which are going on in college..So getting very frustrated I finally came out of my college campus gate..I was walking towards the food joint when someone passed by me saying something which I could not decipher properly..But one thing I could make out of the conversation was the old adage, “By hook or by crook”..
Now the crook in me started playing itself and a small devil popped out on my left shoulder..He advised me to call up dad and ask for a medical certificate on the dates of the beginning of the semester as I had reached a week late..I called up dad then and there and he agreed to fax it up to me then..Now began the real tough task of finding a fax machine on campus..I tried all shops and no one had a fax machine..Our hostel fax machine had also been transferred inside the girls block where I was not allowed..I was really flustered..Suddenly I saw my floor warden walking toward me from the other direction..I never treated him that well and always used to make fun of him in front of him as well as behind his back..But he remembered my name and always kept calling me out by my name..This meeting was no exception..He shrieked out my name in the middle of the streets and I had no option other than walk towards him and talk to him for a sec..On getting in front of him I dint find any other topic to talk to him other than my present distress of not getting a fax machine..
Just as I popped out the words fax machine, he took it on himself to help me out..He called up the senior hostel warden and asked him to let me allow his personal fax machine..The senior warden readily agreed and now my work was half done..To finish the rest of the job my floor warden asked the person accompanying him to take me to the hostel on his bike and get all the work done and then finally drop me to the college campus..He even gave me the senior wardens cell number and asked me to contact him and tell him if there was any further requirement..The whole process took just 15 minutes and I was back again on track with a very good attendance percentage..The same process which could have taken a full day out of my calendar..
In our world we have always heard people comparing two terms Friendship and Love..People keep comparing these two terms and some say that Love is short-termed and keep saying that Friendship stays on forever whereas the others say that Love is the greatest feeling on the planet..I don’t know which one is better out of the two but I just know one term Smile..Whether the person standing next to me is my friend or not, doesn’t matter..Whether she is my lady love or not, doesn’t matter..I will for sure pass on a smile..It doesn’t cost a thing..But it can help you out in situations where you are completely stuck and start calling out to God and begging and pleading for help..It is just because I was good to my floor warden on face that he helped me out in that situation..
So for me it’s neither Friendship nor Love that counts more..It’s the feel good Smile that you pass on to anyone you talk to which counts and even helps you out on difficult situations where you feel that you are stuck and finally you come out and say thank you Jesus.!!

Jaishree Ram,

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kiss of Heart!!-—TT3

Jaishree Ram,

Monday, October 18, 2010


What does procrastination mean??Is it the stereotypical meaning of laziness??And this word, “procrastinate” has been derogatory and insulting from my early childhood..It has always been applied to me, a proud member of the newest generation of the world, by my mom..I have been hearing many comment’s from older folks that, “the youth now-a-days are so lazy; you wait till the last minute to do anything.”..But as Dennis Sell comments in the youth’s defence, “It isn’t procrastination if you intend to do it.”..I hope that this doesn’t become a question on the future resume..“Do you procrastinate, please check yes or no.”..A wonderful lot of people would be out of the job; very talented people that just have a time trying to become “perfect.”..Procrastination is a way of life and a person has to be good at it to play the “lazy” game..
What does procrastination really mean??I’ve adopted a quote that now guides my everyday life; “My work is best when I am under pressure.”..Most of my better posts are written in the fifteen minutes I have before my next class period when it’s due..Sorry Mr. Oliver and Mr. Raghuraman, and any other teacher that have been subjected to my messy rushed handwriting (not that Mr. Raghuraman minds, I’m still failing his class. And his e-mail address is....just kidding)..Procrastination is character building..The rare few who can handle the pressure often have rushed lives, or many deadlines, whichever applies, but the point is that they can handle the pressure that procrastination gives and they come on top..My dad-mom are bankers and their superiors are often changing what they want them to do, but my parents can handle those people and their strict deadlines that are ludicrous because of the little time given..But because they procrastinated in high school, they knows what to do and how to control themselves in those situations..They haven’t thrown themselves off a cliff yet after about twenty five years of the strenuous work..Obviously that has to count for something..
Procrastination is like many other things..It has its good and bad points, just like eating..A person must eat to live, but it makes people gain weight and there is a surplus of obese people in our nation, yet it also saves many lives a day in countries like Ethiopia..Procrastination can make or break a person..One can either handle the pressure or the person breaks completely..I have put this post to the side for what seems like weeks, but it isn’t that bad at least I hope not..It’s just the people who break under the pressure that give procrastinators the bad fa├žade..Take plumber for example..I’m not saying all plumbers have this problem, but mine sure does..My family calls and calls this man until he’s getting a phone call every hour and even then he waits weeks to fix our pump..He finally comes and “fixes” it and two weeks later it is broken yet again..Maybe this has become a business ploy, but that isn’t the point..This man procrastinates to the minute we are about to leave his business and then he comes and does poor work..This man gives all procrastinators a horrid reputation when in all reality procrastination, when handled by the right person is quality achieving and character building..When handled right, what is so wrong with this personality trait??What did procrastination ever do that did not occur without some assistance??I can’t procrastinate unless I want to..What happened to putting the blame where it belonged to??

Procrastination is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaishree Ram,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Peepli-----------------------Is it actually and really Live..!?!

This post is not dedicated to the artistic genius of a movie, our Oscar entry this year, a completely insipid, tasteless and un-entertaining movie, Peepli Live!! But my real question is, Is Peepli actually LIVE???
Around 7-8 months back there were reports of some Indian students being beaten up to pulp in a nation way far off from India, Australia..The media hyped the incident to such an extent that we actually are still scared as to whether or not to fly off to the island nation for higher studies..We still are in a shock as to whether even visit Australia..When this incident happened in a foreign nation our country was full in rage as to why we Indians are always the victims of racial discrimination and similar stuff..Why does the feeling of Apartheid resurface itself time and again and show that it had not extinguished but rather was just dormant??Why??That was the question then..But mind you this post is again not about that question..This post is about an incident that occurred in my college premises and I, although not being an eye witness to it, got a vivid description from an eye witness and thus it earned its place to be talked about here..
The incident happened during one of the numerous departmental fests that our college (SRM University) feels proud to host..ICON, a national level MBA symposium..It so happened that for this event there were two prime organizers..One was a Tamil Localite guy and the other a North Indian gal, who we later on came to know was from Bengal..Both final year students..The event got successfully over and the gal was happy to socialize with her friends (both guys and gals) and joined them in posing for photos and enjoying the finishing off of the event in full gala..This pissed off the other Tamil guy and he text messaged the gal and used some abuse language to let her know that she was required for some work, lest enjoy with her friends..The gal ignored the text messages..Then the guy called her up and started abusing her in full flow..The gal heard him speak for some time and then cut the call..This even pissed the guy off to another level..Now the gal went to her friends and told that the other event organizer was bad mouthing her over the phone..So two of her friends, guys, went to report the incident to the staff assigned as the convenor of the event..The convenor gave a limpid glance to the incident and asked the guys to forget it..But the two guys were adamant in making that Tamil guy beg sorry in front of the hapless gal..So they both went ahead to talk to the Tamil guy and told him politely that what he did was wrong and he should not talk to gals using abuses..This infuriated the Tamil guy to such an extent that he said, “You want me to say sorry to her??Let me show you my power..”Saying this he called around 25-30 of his local Tamil friends and started slapping and clubbing the two North Indian guys..The matter had been still ok had this stopped till here..The guys went to the gal and tore off her sari and started slapping and clubbing her too..She was pushed down to the floor and the those Tamil guys continuously kicked her until she went out of her senses..God only knows where all their dirty hands must have fallen over the gal..There were scratch marks all over her body..She had to be immediately rushed to the hospital (Apollo) and the doctors said that she her spinal cord had been injured..
This whole incident happened in front of the faculty and staff..No one, mark my words NO ONE came forward to stop this heinous crime from being committed..When the next day the students of the class revolted and said that they won’t attend classes unless those 25-30 students were rusticated, the college management very calmly shelved the matter..The college management used their political minds to change the whole scenario..They kept two letters in front of the gal..Firstly, if she filed an FIR in the police station then she along with her 2 friends who came ahead to fight, plus those 25-30 students would be rusticated..Secondly, if she didn’t file an FIR then all will remain in the college and no one would be rusticated and the college would give guarantee that those guys would not harass the gal again..HAH..There is a famous saying in Hindi, “Chit bhi mera aur pat bhi mera”..Meaning heads is also mine and tails even..College played its nasty politics and thus all remained silent and the cat didn’t come out of the bag..The media personals that were called up by the students were also sent off with some bribing and the deadly skeleton didn’t come out of the cupboard..The college even went on to the extent of telling that the gal herself was a loose character and the those Tamil guys were drunk so none of her friends should have gone in front of those Tamil guys for asking them to say sorry..College took away the full blame from the heads of those 25-30 guilty..
My question rises here..Why did this incident happen to a North Indian only??I am pretty sure had the guy and gal been swapped the case would not have had occurred only..I mean had the guy been a North Indian and the gal a South Indian, am pretty sure the South Indian people would have created a huge ruckus for the same..There lies my next question..Why is there discrimination between North Indian students and South Indian students??I had heard of similar situations when students from Bihar were beaten up badly on the Victoria Terminus in Mumbai for coming to give some tests that was being conducted by the Maharashtra government..They were beaten up just because they were filling up seats that people from Maharashtra could have filled..There lies my third question..Why is there discrimination among us??There is a dialogue in the movie Khatta-Meetha of Akshay Kumar that says, “Madam if you go to America you’ll get Americans, if you go to England you’ll get Britisher’s, but if you come to India you’ll get only Punjabi’s, Marathi’s, Guajarati’s, Tamil’s, Bengali’s and so on..Where is Indians??”
Why do the media only hype racial discrimination incidents which happen in foreign nations??Why only do we get to hear about racial discrimination of Indian students in Australia or Shilpa Shetty in Bigg Boss??Why can’t we forget about this state wise discrimination and start thinking ourselves as INDIANS???

Jaishree Ram,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kiss of Life!!—TT2

Jaishree Ram,

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kiss of love!!---TT1

I gift you my life..Own it well!!

This is my first post for Thoughtful Thursday..There are loads and loads of following Thursday's to come..

Jaishree Ram,