Friday, November 5, 2010

An unexpected help!!!!

Have you ever been in the midst of any difficult problem??Has it ever happened to you that you are in the midst of complete deep shit??Has it ever happened to you that you are sitting alone and thinking about how to come out of it??Has it ever happened to you that you feel that if you don’t do any specific work you will have a heavy loss, maybe monetary or personal??Has it ever happened to you that you can see the problem right in front of you but you can’t help yourself to come out of the problem??Has it??If it has then this post is for you as you will be the one who can co-relate himself to the situation and put yourself in my shoes and think what was going on in my mind and how I must have been feeling..!
It so happened that this semester am having less attendance in most of the subjects..So I was pretty scared that what would happen..I had already had a talk with my teachers and they all told me to submit an OD (On Duty) letter to the class in charge..This OD letter is meant to mark my attendance for the time period of CHAKRAVYUHA ’10, a national level tech fest which is held under the banner of the School Of Mechanical Engineering, an integral part of the SRM University..I worked as the PRO for the above said event..So I did submit the OD letter and went off..
A few days back my class in charge called up and he informed me, rather intimidated me that my attendance was still falling short of the 75% bench mark by just 3.5%..I again was terribly scared as to what would happen and getting detained in the penultimate semester would be a death blow to my chances of getting placed in the campus interviews which are going on in college..So getting very frustrated I finally came out of my college campus gate..I was walking towards the food joint when someone passed by me saying something which I could not decipher properly..But one thing I could make out of the conversation was the old adage, “By hook or by crook”..
Now the crook in me started playing itself and a small devil popped out on my left shoulder..He advised me to call up dad and ask for a medical certificate on the dates of the beginning of the semester as I had reached a week late..I called up dad then and there and he agreed to fax it up to me then..Now began the real tough task of finding a fax machine on campus..I tried all shops and no one had a fax machine..Our hostel fax machine had also been transferred inside the girls block where I was not allowed..I was really flustered..Suddenly I saw my floor warden walking toward me from the other direction..I never treated him that well and always used to make fun of him in front of him as well as behind his back..But he remembered my name and always kept calling me out by my name..This meeting was no exception..He shrieked out my name in the middle of the streets and I had no option other than walk towards him and talk to him for a sec..On getting in front of him I dint find any other topic to talk to him other than my present distress of not getting a fax machine..
Just as I popped out the words fax machine, he took it on himself to help me out..He called up the senior hostel warden and asked him to let me allow his personal fax machine..The senior warden readily agreed and now my work was half done..To finish the rest of the job my floor warden asked the person accompanying him to take me to the hostel on his bike and get all the work done and then finally drop me to the college campus..He even gave me the senior wardens cell number and asked me to contact him and tell him if there was any further requirement..The whole process took just 15 minutes and I was back again on track with a very good attendance percentage..The same process which could have taken a full day out of my calendar..
In our world we have always heard people comparing two terms Friendship and Love..People keep comparing these two terms and some say that Love is short-termed and keep saying that Friendship stays on forever whereas the others say that Love is the greatest feeling on the planet..I don’t know which one is better out of the two but I just know one term Smile..Whether the person standing next to me is my friend or not, doesn’t matter..Whether she is my lady love or not, doesn’t matter..I will for sure pass on a smile..It doesn’t cost a thing..But it can help you out in situations where you are completely stuck and start calling out to God and begging and pleading for help..It is just because I was good to my floor warden on face that he helped me out in that situation..
So for me it’s neither Friendship nor Love that counts more..It’s the feel good Smile that you pass on to anyone you talk to which counts and even helps you out on difficult situations where you feel that you are stuck and finally you come out and say thank you Jesus.!!

Jaishree Ram,


  1. hai jaysree;

    firstly i say lot of thanks to share your valuable thoughts, becuz iam in littledown my love affaires, this time ihav some hopes

    i wiil try my level best

    any way thank you for valuable sharing

  2. Remembered me my college days..
    When v used to be tensed,till we got our attendance percentage..We have a fetching in our college,we can pay condonation:)

  3. rite nw my cndntn is such as i can lend ppl sm f my attendance percentage nd still have enough f it left wid me.. bt i will quote d fact dat its jst d 1st yr`s 1st sems f my college lyf.. lets c hw rapidly my percentage falls..

    nd if so ever happens.. i hve an optn frm here..