Sunday, November 28, 2010

TCS is not getting me..!!Let’s see who needs me..!!

The feeling is awful..My dream company went by giving me a breeze and I could not even unbutton my shirt..The problem was with me that I did not study hard enough in my college life..Had I studied as hard as I studied in my school life I might have got a direct interview with the HR..
The criterion was that all pupils who have above 75% in their school as well as college life can sit directly for the interview..I dint qualify for that as my college cgpa is just four points away from the stipulated mark..But still I had a chance to write the written aptitude test and try to get my place in the esteemed organization..But, similar to my college life, I screwed up here as well..I couldn’t get past the aptitude round..Although I had the attitude but your attitude gets checked only after your aptitude..
The night I did not clear the written round was one of the worst for me as an individual..The best thing was that all my friends got the interview call and were more or less sure that they are in..The worst feeling used to struck me when all my college mates used to congratulate me and I had to dole out, “I did not get through”..On top when I wished my friends congrats they all replied back unknowingly with a bolt from the blue, “Same to you”..Hah..Sorry dude there is no same to you in this story..I did not get cleared..
Any ways loads of companies still to come in campus..Tomorrow have Wipro coming our way..Then have Hcl, Mindtree, L&T and Dolcera..Although I never had any intensions of going into any company other than my dream company TCS under the safe and sound security of the Tata group but as the saying goes, “Beggars can’t be choosers..”
So people wish me luck......................!!And ya..Congrats to all my friends and foes who got placed in TCS at 868 rupees per day..And all those who did not get placed just remember, “Picture abhi baki hai mere dost..We all will have Happys Endings”..

Jaishree Ram,


  1. Wow Sur...What a post..I have just read it and it's actually inspiring...Man you know how to express things...Very nice article..All the best for your placements...

  2. i hate gpas - seriously- sucks the life outta me .. all teh best with wat ya do :)