Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Present day India’s most raging topic is d one that strikes my mind today.. This topic is very common and many would have thought abt it but scarcely would ne1 talk abt it..so I thought y not me!!
If we check out ne newspaper or surf the net d obvious answer to this ques would be stated as CORRUPTION,CHILD LABOUR,DOWRY SYSTEM,POVERTY,ILLITERACY,UNEMPLOYMENT and so on..but as far as I think d root cause of all these afore mentioned things is nothing but our ever increasing POPULATION..its not jst increasin population..the demographic survey says POPULATION EXPLOSION..ya thats d term..Explosion..our population is not jst increasin its exploding..and that too at an alarming rate..
Know wat, all these earlier mentioned epithets for our problems r intertwined wit each other nd the startin point is d population..this enormous population is causing a lack of vacancies in d job market..which leads to unemployment of d masses..this leads to people remainin in poor nd shabby conditions..which leads to poverty..livin in such dingy conditions people r unable to give their children proper education..leave aside “proper”, they r unable to give their off springs ne sort of education..which leads to them remaining illiterate..thus adding to d ever increasin illiteracy rate..this again leads to the same cycle of unemployment then poverty nd then finally illiteracy..
Know wat, I’ve even tried discussing this wit my pals bt scarcely does ne1 wanna discuss this..every1 says that wats d use of discussing this..there’s no final answer to this..they keep tellin me that d government is very lazy nd they r at all not interested in d problems MY country is facing..bt to tell d truth who is d government?? “WE ARE”..it’s we the people of d country..Democracy has been very well defined by d late 16th president of d United States as “of the people, by the people and for the people”..
Lets face it..how many of us would hav ever thought of even for a miniscule second that we would grow up to be a politician??that slight grin on ur face tells me that none of u would hav thought of it..not only u..even I hav neva thought of it..it’s pretty common..even now as well, all of u would be thinkin that who’s gonna enter into this mud pool of politics!!this as well applies to me too..bt to face the truth if we ourselves don’t do it no one else would..no one ever cleans their neighbours’ house..so it has to be us only who hav to dive heart n soul into this dirty pond nd bring out from it OUR country..
I know that d government is takin steps to control this population bt only askin people to use a condom or take contraceptives will do very lil benefit..in  my opinion there r two ways to solve this..either go the IRAQ way or go the CHINA way..
IRAQ way as in make 100 people stand at one place nd shoot them off jst lyk d dogmatic Saddam Hussein did..this is practically not applicable in our country..
CHINA way as in seize d population growth..they hav decided to not increase their population by even 5% till 2020..they r rewarding people wit monetary benefits..esp d fairer sex..if they r able to control their off spring number to jst one..even d men r awarded wit let offs..
Even in our country we can implement this policy..it is said that in our country d birth rate is thrice that of the death rate..it is believed that by 2050 these two would become equal..who knows till then whether we’ll survive or not..so I badly hope that this equalizes way before 2050 so that wen our off springs r in their mother’s womb they don’t hav a complaint that dad mom i don’t wanna come out into THIS country..this should not be d prayer of an unborn child..!!d day WE THE PEOPLE will be able to do this, that day MY country will become a much better haven to dwell in nd an absolute heaven on earth where our unborn children would beg to get born..

Jaishree Ram,

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Gone r  d days of “thanda matlab Coca cola”..And how so, its d new slogan that has hit d country “KHAN matlab SHAH RUKH KHAN”..
Ppl make me count SRK’s filmograph nd tell me that in the recent past he given some crass movies..but i would like to tell them that many movies of SRK did win him awards..whereas d “others” although producing the most profitable Movies for Indian cinema could not get Awards although getting nominated all the time..they would never come for awards but would get themselves nominated...not for once do they think that if they exempt themselves from getting nominated mayb some other actor might get a nomination nd his hard work may get recognized..but they don’t care..neways SRK’s award winnin few r:
                                                           2007—Chak De India
2004—Veer Zaara
2003—Kal Ho Naa Ho
1993—Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa
Know wat there is a category of ppl who think SRK cant cry..!!odd naa??ya, but there does exist a group who does nt  like him even..i know that in MNIK SRK has shed only two drops of tears..bt he ws able to get the audience to empty their quota of tears..According to Asperger’s syndrome a person is unabe to even express himself along wit the other usual effects like not being able to mix up wit ppl nd even get terrified of certain colors nd physical contact..!!Think of a hypothetical situation where u r in a hospital nd the doc comes out from the operation theatre nd tells u that ur son is no more..!! even a stray dog cries wen it sees its own get hurt bt SRK wit his disease dint even shed a single drop in the movie..he could feel the pain bt still couldn’t cry..thats something that made ppl in theatre blare out bt he couldn’t..i jst wanna tell those ppl that mayb Rancho could cry more cutely bt surely he would nt hav be able to pull off a Rizvan..Rizvan will make u cry without himself participatin in d mutual outcry..!!Thats SRK for u ppl..!!
Leavin aside the filmograph nd  commin to popularity i would like to tell those ppl that SRK is far far more popular than ne1 else..u go to d farthest corners of the countries nd u ask ppl there whether they know ne1 from d tinsel town they would surely name SRK..mayb d other  too bt SRK, there’s no “mayb” for him..wen RAGHURAM (of my class, who keeps on embedded into books 24X7)can know SRK rather than d others from bollywood then surely i can be confident enough to say that SRK surely is more famous than others..
Comin to his dance some ppl say that SRK cant dance..for them i would jst ask them to see the video’s of the songs Marjaani from Billu Barber nd Dance pe Chance from Rab ne Bane di Jodi..Ya surely there r others who do dance way better than wat SRK does but in the words of a famous choreographer  SRK’s sheer Energy nd Impromptu thinkin in dance lands him way ahead of d others..
All in All SRK has once again proved that he is the only KING KHAN nd he is the one nd only BAADSHAH of bollywood..!!a true entertainer..my salaams to him nd only him..!!All d Best for d future..!!
So long pals..till i post again..!!

Jaishree Ram,

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Numero Uno..!!

Gud morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrning Chennai..
It’s a bright summer morning here in Chennai..and here i am Prateek..Cool as a cucumber..spicy as sambar and lucky as lottery ka number..!!its valentines day guys nd gals..so shake up ur booties nd asses nd get urselves out of ur cosy couches nd go out nd grap the moment..get a gal..spare some kisses nd  rock bomb.!!watever u do ppl jst remember one saint advise from SexyTruth(“me”) :
Live positive, be positive, think positive but don’t ever TEST positive
As for now spare me..!!even i wanna grap dis day to d fullest.. will post asap..u try letting me know if u wanna listen to ne specific topic in my view or i will continue wit my nonstop bak bak..
So Bachna Ae Haseeno..here i cum..!!

Jaishree Ram,