Thursday, December 30, 2010

Celebrating the 3 most special years of my lyf!!!!

Can you imagine our love is going to turn 3?????I feel it was just yesterday that we met, don’t know how these 3 years passed by..When I met you I did not even dream that am meeting my life..You know what you just found me when I was looking for you!!!Before you came into my life, I was a lifeless person; I had no identity of my own but you gave me a distinct identity..I had just given up my battle but you gave me a reason to continue my fight!!!You gave me strength, you taught me how to love and showed the meaning of life..You taught me many of those things my parents were supposed to teach me..You loved me unconditionally..As each and every day passed by, you gave me new reasons to love you more and more and more and even more..You are a gem of a person, just not good; you are the best, better than the rest!!!!You know what people say oxygen is very important for the pumping of the heart and it is important for our existence..But I feel I can still live without these but cant imagine living without you!!!!Today we complete 3 eternal years together and as destined we aren’t together again, but I can still feel your arms around me and that is giving me d strength to live on!!!
I LUV U…………<3<3<3….……….And will always do.............................!!

Jaishree Ram,

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Marriage: The 20 commandments..............................!!

Never married, but am happy to get hitched..

Marriage, for me, is a drive along the highway with some surprise hairpin bends and many wrong turns..It is a drive in which I pay for the petrol and she drives the car..Both are necessary..Woman’s lib and feminism make it increasingly difficult to reduce ‘happily married’ to a successful formula..What works for me may not work for you..But here is my list of all that I expect from my woman:
  •     Only straight women please..I agree that tastes vary but I am not interested in experimental stuff..
  •     I am also not interested in a 2100 sq feet house!  I would be perfectly happy even if we have a small home full of fond memories..
  •     Properly dressed is always ‘in’, but I would prefer her to at times even wear pink tops with purple buttons..
  •     I will call her mother ‘mom’ only when I am comfortable with it because there is no point saying it and not meaning it..
  •     I would prefer to live separately from both our parents but will prefer proximity to both of their houses..Living with them might be difficult, but it’s even more difficult living without them..
  •     We would require to eat at least one meal with the full family because ‘the family that eats together stays together’..
  •     If her brother or cousin likes something I have, I’ll buy it for him/her; but he/she won’t be getting my books, food, clothes, watches, shoes.............
  •     She mustn’t get fussy if I get a little crazy from time to time..
  •     If she is married to the television she shouldn’t expect me to take care of her..Instead ask the TV..
  •     Don’t expect me to follow every ritual..It’s not certain that she’ll live a 100 years, even if I do all the poojas..
  •     She mustn’t get angry if I drag her to cinema halls to see new releases..Instead she herself must too be a movie buff..
  •     She mustn’t compare me to her family..They are unique and so am I..
  •     Just as her parents are important to her, so are mine to me..
  •     I don’t mind helping her at the household chores, provided she is willing to chip in too..
  •     I would occasionally like to have fun with friends, no questions asked..Similarly she can have her girls nit out with no questions asked by me..
  •     We can argue and even swear, but it’s important that to sit and talk afterwards..
  •     I’m not the DINK (Double Income No Kids) type..I don’t mind kids at all..But there should be no pressure to have children..I should be allowed to have a say as to when we should have kids..
  •     I am happy to go on one vacation every year and I won’t mind if she asks her parents or mine to accompany..Or we could go alone..That possibility is always there..
  •     We must share all the expenses..Except on her/my birthday..On our anniversary, both of us go Dutch..
  •     If there is respect, loyalty, honesty, trust and the most important word ‘adjust’, rather than ‘compromise’ love will never die........!

Jaishree Ram,

Monday, December 6, 2010

Wipro it is..........!!

AM PLACED......Finally am placed..All of you who must have had read my previous post would be knowing exactly how I was feeling that night when I didn’t get selected in TCS when most of my friends had been selected..But I have a happy smile on my face now because I am placed..

Placed with a salary package that ranges from 2.75-3.25 lakhs per annum.. I hope that I get the higher end of the package..Moreover I did come to know one thing that whatever happens, happens for a reason..

I did not clear the written round in TCS as God knew that I was good in giving interviews and would make it through but God also knew that my girlfriend would not be clearing the interviews in TCS..She although did clear the written round..But now again we both cleared the written rounds in Wipro and again did clear both the technical and HR interviews..

I just hope that we both get placed in the same city..I have opted for Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai..Although I wish I had the option of getting my job in Mumbai but my employers did not give us the option of Mumbai-my dream city..

All in all I just would want to quote the words that a friend of mine once put up as his facebook status, “Of the countless hours spent..Of the thousand tears of anger and frustration..Of all the daydreams seen..Of all the sacrifices made..Of all the effort given..Of all the thoughts put in..Of the audacity to dare to dream..Of all the mental trauma..Of all the trouble and tension..You know what..???......................WAS WORTH IT !!!    \m/  

So, I am not CEO but but but, “I am placed, bitch...!”

Jaishree Ram,