Friday, November 19, 2010

Facebook generation is the loneliest group..!!

This is my 50th post on my blog and I couldn’t find a better topic than talk about the most talked about topic in our daily lives.. ”Facebook..........................................................................................!!
Believe it or not a survey report which came out in the Times of India revealed that the Facebook generation, i.e. 16 to 24 year olds, are lonelier than any other age group..This survey was done by the famous BBC radio 3..
This report revealed that in this age group among every three persons, one said that they are bored with their lives and 28% complained loneliness and thus turned to drinking and even were happy to flaunt it when asked..The report revealed that more than a quarter of them turned alcoholics just for mere comfort and half admitted to using junk food as an emotional crutch..
Now when we go into the reason behind this unhappiness some would be pretty common as we might have ourselves faced such a situation..Finances tops the list of the causes followed by the inability to hold onto a job..Some even said that they were unhappy because of family reasons..Some had some long term tiffs with their parents and some completely abhorred their parents..All in all Money was the root cause of all the loneliness and unhappiness..
Another cause which showed its presence was the absence of a relationship..Some are tormented by their inability to snug up to the opposite sex and initiate a relationship while some turn to loneliness because of a recent relationship break up..
Mark Zuckerberg
All I want to say is that the colloquial term, “Facebook me!!” is just an alternative for this generation group’s unhappiness..People who feel that they are left off by their parents and are not loved on by anyone..People who care more for a Levis T shirt rather than a spending that money on calling up their parents or loved ones in the opposite sex and sorting out the differences and misunderstanding that might have cropped up..
I know I too fall in the same age group and cannot prevent myself from being addicted to the facebook but I have started feeling that Mark Zuckerberg, the youngest billionaire ever and the founder of the facebook, himself telling us the very exact words that he was once told by a girl, “You are not an ass hole, but you are trying so hard to be one......................................!!”

Jaishree Ram,


  1. i totally agree wid u boy...
    thats completely true..

  2. awesome post.. and im new to your blog .. ! keep writing ...
    and do visit

  3. Yes i totally agree with ur post. Today's generation is lonely coz they prefer to talk to friends on fb rather than goin out n meeting them. The human touch is gone from our lives...all we know is to scrap them or write on their wall.