Saturday, August 28, 2010

Do Not Judge a Book by Its Cover

We as teenagers are often defined as shallow, naive, and sometimes uncompassionate youngsters..Most of this recognition comes from our common failure to take social risks and possess an open mind..We are all one student body, yet we are so separated in many aspects..Much of the segregation exists because we are unable to look past appearances..What gives designer clothes, thick lensed glasses, or different hairstyles the authority to determine if we are people who are worth knowing??Would you feel hurt if people rejected you because you had a few pimples on your face??Would it be fair??These days, there is too much emphasis on looks..If everyone would take a brief moment to see the shining wit or loving personality in a person instead of his or her body, then the world would unmistakably be a better place..
There are many truly great and natural differences among people..“Nerds” are not “football players..”Their talents, skills, and capacities are not the same..An unalterable condition in human society is that the lowest cannot be made equal with the highest..Nature is vain..However, these conditions are adapted to benefit both individuals as well as the community..Life requires varied aptitudes, diverse services, and miscellaneous types of people to carry on its affairs as life as a whole..Drawn by our natural tendencies to fall into peer pressure, in our feelings of inadequacy, we constantly seek to form exclusive associations or “cliques..” Within these groups, we should discourage any exclusion based on the wrong reasons such as appearances, which many people cannot drastically change..It is important to remember that our harmony depends on our effort and ability to accept others in whatever form they come, even if they are different in ethnicity, religion, or appearance..
All forms of conformity are self sacrilege..We are in a state of many changes, a chance to try new things, and to discover who we really are..One’s struggle to be their self inside as well as outside is an admirable task that calls for courage..Do not ridicule those who walk down the hall with mismatched socks pulled up to their knees, or those who wear bright, patterned clothing..They are only expressing themselves and sharing their uniqueness..Our inability to individualize people is a weakness that we must not dismiss..The recognition of our rights, individual and collective, includes our most basic obligation: respect for our peers..Next time, think about what is in a hairstyle, or what is in make-up..Sadly, they both have too much significance in our superficial expectations..
Man is a person endowed by our Creator with gifts of body and mind..We are all created in His image and likeness..We, as imperfect sinners, do not have the right to judge or question His wisdom..Rather we are obliged to regard our bodies as good and honourable..Mankind is not wrong when he regards himself superior to bodily concerns..For by interior qualities, he can overcome the whole sum of mere things..The intellectual nature of the human person needs to be perfected by wisdom, for wisdom gently attracts the minds of mankind in a quest for love of what is true and good..It is important to remember when wisdom and understanding is present; man can pass through visible realities to discover the real person within..
Never judge a book by its cover..Appearances can be deceiving..Within the most unattractive people can lay the most caring hearts..They are able to give to uncaring people, like ourselves, the gifts of forgiveness and friendship..Just imagine that each gift is wrapped with unconditional love and delivered with the most genuine smile..Let there be no more victims of discrimination..Ignore the false perceptions of beauty that society has imposed on us..Remember, true beauty lies within..As soon as one realizes that in their heart, everyone may be better known, better loved, and better served..

Jaishree Ram,

Monday, August 23, 2010

Angel-in-a Jolie.............................!!

When Angelina Jolie was offered the role of a Bond girl she refused it saying, “Why should I be a Bond gal when I can myself be Bond??”..The whole world was shocked on this comment of her; but but but when you come out with movie’s such as Tomb Raider, Mr and Mrs Smith, Taking Lives, Wanted and Salt, you become pretty sure that she was very true in her comment..
The latest in the series to come was the movie Salt..In this movie Angie, as she is lovingly called by the whole world, is an officer in the US intelligence..She is like the best in her job and she is supposedly convicted to be a Russian spy who had been trained from childhood for a specific purpose..The purpose is to sacrifice herself for her motherland Russia and show the whole world that US is not the country ruling the world..The process for attaining this goal is to kill the Russian president when he is on tour of the US for the death ceremony of the US vice-president and a few days after kill the US president himself..Thus creating a war between the super powers..A war which would finally culminate into a 3rd world war as the other countries will be surely and supposedly taking sides!!
The poise and elegance with which she portrays her character is awesome..Although her body double is more visible and has a meatier role than her in the movie, still this doe eyed beauty steals the frame and captures your mind even when she does some impossible deeds like making of a bomb out of some chemicals and a fire extinguisher!!
It’s actually when you see her fall from the helicopter to the river, swim to safety and then run away through the forest that you actually feel that the movie is over and you are left panting for a sequel and a prequel..
So hats off to this chiselled face beauty and I hope so some day like in the phantom series finally a lady becomes the cherished character of Bond and that is no one but our very own Angel-in-a Jolie!!

Jaishree Ram,