Thursday, December 30, 2010

Celebrating the 3 most special years of my lyf!!!!

Can you imagine our love is going to turn 3?????I feel it was just yesterday that we met, don’t know how these 3 years passed by..When I met you I did not even dream that am meeting my life..You know what you just found me when I was looking for you!!!Before you came into my life, I was a lifeless person; I had no identity of my own but you gave me a distinct identity..I had just given up my battle but you gave me a reason to continue my fight!!!You gave me strength, you taught me how to love and showed the meaning of life..You taught me many of those things my parents were supposed to teach me..You loved me unconditionally..As each and every day passed by, you gave me new reasons to love you more and more and more and even more..You are a gem of a person, just not good; you are the best, better than the rest!!!!You know what people say oxygen is very important for the pumping of the heart and it is important for our existence..But I feel I can still live without these but cant imagine living without you!!!!Today we complete 3 eternal years together and as destined we aren’t together again, but I can still feel your arms around me and that is giving me d strength to live on!!!
I LUV U…………<3<3<3….……….And will always do.............................!!

Jaishree Ram,


  1. Congratulations to you and your loved you! May you both have a 100 more years ahead of you :)

  2. Congratulations to you and your loved one! May you both have a 100 more years ahead of you :)

  3. uhhu uhhu! ;)