Monday, December 6, 2010

Wipro it is..........!!

AM PLACED......Finally am placed..All of you who must have had read my previous post would be knowing exactly how I was feeling that night when I didn’t get selected in TCS when most of my friends had been selected..But I have a happy smile on my face now because I am placed..

Placed with a salary package that ranges from 2.75-3.25 lakhs per annum.. I hope that I get the higher end of the package..Moreover I did come to know one thing that whatever happens, happens for a reason..

I did not clear the written round in TCS as God knew that I was good in giving interviews and would make it through but God also knew that my girlfriend would not be clearing the interviews in TCS..She although did clear the written round..But now again we both cleared the written rounds in Wipro and again did clear both the technical and HR interviews..

I just hope that we both get placed in the same city..I have opted for Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai..Although I wish I had the option of getting my job in Mumbai but my employers did not give us the option of Mumbai-my dream city..

All in all I just would want to quote the words that a friend of mine once put up as his facebook status, “Of the countless hours spent..Of the thousand tears of anger and frustration..Of all the daydreams seen..Of all the sacrifices made..Of all the effort given..Of all the thoughts put in..Of the audacity to dare to dream..Of all the mental trauma..Of all the trouble and tension..You know what..???......................WAS WORTH IT !!!    \m/  

So, I am not CEO but but but, “I am placed, bitch...!”

Jaishree Ram,

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  1. Congrats..
    As far as I know Banglore branch is far better than Hyderabad..
    I had a cousin working in wipro who transferred from Bang to Hyd,due to parents compulsion.Now she keeps on ranting..