Saturday, March 20, 2010

Unconditional love..Does it exist??

Can’t stop thinking abt this topic ever since I was given this topic yesterday in a group discussion session..Wat is this thing??Unconditional love..And on top of it does it really exist in real life??
So lemme start by trying to analyze wat luv is!!Luv is some feeling that u feel for someone irrespective of the fact that who he/she is..It may be ur parents, ur guardians, ur friendz, ur partner or anyone else..Luv is always the same, only the feeling is something that differs..U will hav the same amount of luv for ur parents and for ur partner..But the feeling will be different..I bet it will be an unanswerable ques if I ask u as to whom u luv more!!It’s too tough to decide as u cant luv either one lesser..So it’s better to conclude that ur luv will be in same proportions just that the feeling will change wit its perspective..Luv is one of the most simplest of words but to really understand the meaning of it and follow it is tougher than mayb crossing the Alps..Luv is a word for which anyone will do anything irrespective of the implications or consequences..U’ll do it just for those two eyes whom u would neva want to make weep..
Now let’s try and analyze the word unconditional..Unconditional as defined by the dictionary means without any reservations..Without any ‘conditions apply’ written at the bottom wit a miniscule asterisk mark at the top right corner..Without any bounds..Without any limits..Without any specifications..Without any terms..Without any categories..Without any fences..
Now wen we bring together these two words does the meaning really exist??Unconditional luv..It is that luv which u feel for someone irrespective of the whole world..It is that luv that is not stopped by any legal, social, ethical, moral or arbitrary entailments..It may be found in anyone..But had it been found in all humanity then the question ‘Does it exist?’ would not have had come up..It does not exist for all humanity..But But But it does exist for family..Doesn’t it??Unconditional luv is that luv in which u only tend to give, give and only give..U neva expect anything in return..It is this unconditional luv that u feel wen u do some mischief and come back home and u know at the back of ur mind that ‘mom-dad sambhal lenge!!’..It is this unconditional luv that u feel wen u hav a huge loss at ur office and u come back home in the evening and there r some people waiting at the door wit open arms to hug and welcome u..Their luv for u does not cease in any manners or proportions..They will luv u irrespective of whether u make profit or loss at work..They’ll luv u irrespective of the fact that while playing u broke someone’s window pane wit the cricket ball..They’ll manage it..Although they will scold a bit or mayb lambaste in some cases but at the end they’ll finally be on ur side itself..After all, people who scold us r the ones who luv us deeply..Or should I say that people who luv us only hav the right to scold us..Even the son of some criminal will always luv his father/mother irrespective of the fact that he/she mayb a state convict..That’s unconditional luv..And vice versa the parent will also luv his son like any normal father/mother would do and try to give him all the happiness’ of the world..
This unconditional luv also exists in ones partner..Wen a guy gets married to a gal they both hav (read: should hav) this unconditional luv for each other..According to me this unconditional luv is the basic requirement for turning into a couple from being single..The guy knows that after a tough day at office wen he comes back home there will be someone at home who’ll give him a big bear hug and kiss off all his worries and tensions..Vice versa the gal knows that wen she faces the most painful pain during child birth there’ll be at least one person who’ll be there holding her hand and telling her that aall izz well..That’s unconditional luv..
There mayb people like my group discussion conductor, my PD (personality development) teacher, who believe that we should widen our horizon and think of it as a global phenomenon..But I protest..Because wen u hav ur family wit u who cares abt the world..For example if in the future I get married to a gal of some other religion or caste or creed, it would at all not matter me wat the whole world thinks..I would hardly care if some mukherji sahib or some chowdhry babu foul mouths me in front of his family..Wat will matter is wat my parents think..Wat they think will be the only thing that will matter to me..It is this unconditional luv that we and our parents experience and exhibit for each other..I feel pity on people like my PD teacher who try searching for this unconditional luv in the whole world rather than searching for it in their own homes..So before u go out searching for this unconditional luv in outsiders, just for once try seeking for it in insiders..People inside ur house..

So does anyone, still, hav a doubt as to whether or not this unconditional luv exists???

Jaishree Ram,


  1. I totally agree with you as we can expect unconditional love from our near ones only.But its also true that people stop looking for conditions once they get love and affection from the other person.One interesting thing i would like to add is that unconditional love is difficult for the educated and sensible species like human beings.But is so that simple for say our pets who surely love us without any bounds or reasons.

  2. Unconditional love is true exists