Tuesday, March 2, 2010

“Kyon paisa paisa karti hai, kyon paise pe tu marti hai”

This is not me saying..This is d inaugural line of a hit song from Akshay Kumar’s latest flick “de dana dan”..
Does this ring a bell??If not then can ne1 of u plz tell me wat this thing is??Rupee, dollar, pound, rouble, rial, Deutsch, yen, Yuan..wat r all these things??If at all it’s a thing!!Or is it so big that it can be LYF personified..!!Aye u got me right..It can be personified to lyf itself..Our very existence itself..We r on this earth bcoz of this..
If i ask u IS MONEY A PRE-REQUISITE FOR HAPPINESS??..Wat would ur answer be??..Ur answer prima-facie would be NO..Definitely NO..But is it really NO??..Then y is it a YES in our deeds??..All of us want to make money to gain some status, some comfort and luxuries..This money has brought, is bringing and will bring so many differences between u and me..These differences will be later named as differences between a rosy affluence and sordid poverty.. 
Many of u may disagree wit me nd move on to say that money is not everything..Yeah I agree wit all of u that money indeed is not everything..but know wat wit money u can buy this “everything” of urs..!!wit money u may fulfil all ur whims and fancies..all that u ever read of in gud novels or saw in bad movies.. u may accomplish all those childhood dreams of urs..jst that u need money..
I once wrote for a school tabloid a small poem which goes like:
This poem is very true indeed and I really luved it wen I penned it down..but know wat back then I was very naïve, very unknown to wat d real world ws..but now I know..If u don’t have money forget abt a home u won’t even hav a roof over ur head to spend d cold winter nit..If u don’t hav money u may hav d appetite but u won’t get a single piece of bread..If u don’t hav money u may get salvation but u will not get d 5 yards of earth required for ur burial..
Has ne1 of u seen d movie TATHASTU??It starred Sanjay Dutt and Ameesha Patel..If u hav not lemme recite u d story a bit..Sanjay Dutt ws d father of an infant who ws diagnosed wit some deadly disease..Wen he went to d hospital to get his boy admitted d hospital asked him to submit a certain amount of money as d deposit then only would they operate on his child..But that sum as usual ws very exorbitant..No normal middle class could afford so much..After tryin all hands in vain he decided to take d route of vandalism..He seized d hospital..And wit a gun pointed on the heads of d patients he pleaded d hospital staff to take in his child..Mind u he PLEADED..D later part of d movie ws same as d child got saved nd Sanjay also ws not convicted as he did all this jst for d sake of his beloved son..
BUT BUT BUT wat I wanna emphasize from this story is that how important money is..!!Without money we may get pleasure from all d ABSTRACT things in lyf but we all know that we can’t live wit these non objective things..We need MATERIAL pleasures for our existence..We need money for buyin a gud house which later on would be a gud home only if we hav money enough to maintain nd live in it..we need money so that we may send our off springs to a gud school nd get them proper education..no gal ever glances towards a guy who does not luk rich..nd d vice versa is as well true..!!
         "Money makes you feel better, 
        even if you don't like the stuff."  

                  -- Joe Louis, professional boxer.

"Money isn't everything, 
 but sometimes my banker won't accept anything  else."  
                  -- Lin Stone, professional writer.
But u know wat there is another side to d same coin..Money although being able to buy everything can at times become an avarice..Greed cannot be overcome..Its human to be greedy..We envy for a certain thing and wen we get it, we start coveting for something that’s even better..Its d very same wit money as well..In the recent Amitabh Bachchan flick “Teen Patti” d whole story revolves around one thing; that wat happens wen u hav earned loads nd loads of money..U start becoming crazy..U become irate..Ur simple happy go lucky lyf turns into something that’s nothing less than hell..U start making urself secluded..U start banishing ur friends..U start forgetting ur previous self..And wen u get fully frustrated wit all this, ur final cul-de-sac is felo-de-se..
Wen our pockets r full we don’t realize that in order to get this state we lose out on the smaller happiness’s of lyf..
“Mom u can take a 24 hour flight nd travel to New York but u can’t take a 3 hour flight nd come to meet me in Chennai??” said a gud friend of mine over d phone to his mom in Delhi..U won’t believe it, his parents r so so busy in earning money that they r hardly able to give time to him..But wen u ask him he says that they r earning all that for him only..That’s so true..!! Does ne1 see my predicament now..!!
I do firmly believe that happiness is in money..But people should know to control their greed for this happiness..Wen we r unable to control this our greed turns into a malady which is utterly incurable nd the final result is madness or even death.. Happiness is jst the absence of Sorrow..Happiness is not in Fame..Happiness is not in Success..Happiness is not in Power..And Happiness is not in Money as well..
So I would lyk to rest my argument by saying that its ur choice as to which side of this coin u decide to stick on wit..

Jaishree Ram,


  1. Ya I read your blog and very well you have justified your point but I would say that the pros and cons are not well justified. You did well but one side was given some more weightage as I presume. Anyway, Your views, your wish.
    Keep Going

  2. 'Sex' is one of the few things money can buy: Hence proved, money is everything :D

  3. gud philosophy.......intellectuality well presented...