Thursday, March 4, 2010


The prima-facie answer to the above ques can be two: YES or NO..All those who say NO I jst hav one ques to ask u, “if he’s not dead then where is he??”..And all those who say YES one ques for u too, “where was he wen he ws alive??”
According to us, Christians, God created everything on this earth..Every possible living thing..!!Whether it’s us humans or animals or plants or anything else..Whereas we, Hindus, believe that god dint create this world..God jst manifested himself in all living creatures..Hindus believe that God is present inside all living beings..
Whether HE is or HE is not does not matter as much as there’s something that matters more and that is our BELIEF..It all depends on wat we believe in ourselves..Many of my friends hav stated examples in front of me which were compellingly belief worthy that HE does exist..
A friend of mine once said that wen he ws in 10 std he ws in utter need of some computer softwares lyk JAVA, C++ and all..He ws not getting them in any market..So he ws pretty worried and kept praying to God that HE helped him..POP!!wat happens next made me dumbstruck..Next morning wen he woke up and ws walking in his garden he jst saw a disc half dug into the ground..He took it out and to his sheer shock the disc ws completely scratch free and wen he inserted it in his disc drive and played it wat he sees is that all the softwares that he needed were present in that disc..!!Wat would u call this??..Sheer luck or some sort of co-incidence or some divine intervention?? It’s difficult to answer this one as who believes in God will firmly say that it had the “Hand of God” whereas other atheists would say that ws a mere case of co-incidence..
On the other hand another friend of mine once told me that he has been asking for some favour from God for the past 3-4 years but he has not got even an inch of favour from HIM..So he is slowly turning on from a theist into an atheist..I know all firm believers of God will say that he should wait and watch later on there will be some help from HIM..HE may be late but HE won’t leave him in abject darkness..Some rationalists will turn up to quote the old adage “God helps those who help themselves!!”..But whatever the case is he is losing his faith in God..
I really am in a fix as to whom to believe as I really am not that much into religion and God..I am a Hindu but hav been to a church all my lyf as a church ws nearer to my house than a temple..Even at school the church ws nearer to me than any temple in the region..So I am more prolific in the Christian rituals, festivals and the myths than the Hindu counterpart..My friends do jeer at me wen I don’t call Ganesh as Ganeshji or Shiv as Shivji or Ram as Ramji..Or wen I don’t know at all abt at the hymns and prayers that they do..But I don’t hav any complaints as I would neva call them by adding an extra ji in their name as I firmly believe that they were born as humans and they did earn this much respect here on earth, at least,  that they can be called by their names..
Wat I wanna infer is that all that matters is wat is inside u..Wat u’ve been susceptible to right from ur childhood..If ur a gud parent ur child will grow up gud and if ur not then they’ll also turn up bad..People keep tellin that television is spoiling the kids now-a-days..But know wat children learn far more easily from wat they see at home from their parents rather than anyone else on the idiot box..
God cannot tell us to be gud or bad..It’s all within us..Even a very gud human may be an atheist and a very bad human can be a staunch believer of God..Even Osama bin Laden routinely offers namaz 5 times a day..Which shows that he is a strict believer of God..But the acts and deeds that he does don’t proclaims to be so..
So my final ques still remains unanswered as to whether God is actually there or has he jst turned a deaf ear to all the things happening on earth or has he become lyk us Indians..Adaptable to all situations..Or better still lyk many theists would say “God knows that we humans (his creations, so HE can’t be wrong!!) r capable enough of handling the situations..”

So, “IS GOD DEAD???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????”

Jaishree Ram,


  1. i believe in god-that is all i know.
    whenever v r in trouble,v pray god only.
    the word 'hope' is because of GOD,v believe Him n we 'hope' that GOD will help us whenever v need Him and if still something bad happens,its also for some good.

  2. well,it is for sure that i completely believe in the existence of GOD...
    but that doesn't mean that i sit in front of his idol everyday to pay obeisance.I believe that just by doing so you don't become his true devotee or anything of that sort.Whenever i'm in the desperate need of someone's help, he's the only one whom i can look up to, and He has always helped me....
    and yes,the incident narrated in this blog clearly defines the existence of the Almighty.

  3. just off the hook.
    good one
    & about "Ji" fact i`ll explain you in free time.
    Because neither an language nor any literature can define that.only thing that justify this is FAITH.

  4. This is akin to a bigotry post with some wrong facts. Your post shows that you are human, who could only see till his eye range and certainly God is invisible or out of our reach since he is omnipresent and omnipotent. Anyway I don't want to trigger a debate here by writing those forged facts. I'll tell you later.
    However, I should acknowledge your skills and say that you have written decently well.