Monday, March 8, 2010

Behind every successful person there is a WOMAN!!

Wat makes a woman dangerous? No doubt there r any number of opinions, depending upon the experience of the man or woman who responds..
Personally, I think the most dangerous women r those who r irresistible..Each of us may hav a unique weakness, an Achilles’ heel that is unfathomable to others, or we may share universal sensibilities that everyone understands..It may be a woman’s great beauty that wins our heart, or her charm, or her intelligence..It may be the way she brushes her hair back from her eyes, or the way she laughs, or the way she sneezes..
She may be acutely aware of her power, or utterly innocent of it..One will use it as a steel-edged weapon, another as a fuzzy security blanket..The intent neither increases nor diminishes the power, and that is the terrible danger to those who may be in thrall to it..
Power is dangerous..We may know it, even fear it, but if we want the heat from that flame, we will risk everything to get as close to it as possible.
Dangerous women hav always been wit us..Prepare urself for the most seductively female and the most shockingly fatal femmes fatales..One by one lyf will prove u jst how sexy and not so gentle the ‘gentler sex’ can be..
All in all its their day today and it’s for all of us to bow down and vow to them..In any form they r the ones who own us..I hav one simple formula in lyf for my lyf to be more simpler and happier..In the hands of my Mother I leave the first part of my lyf..The second part I leave it upon my Wife..And the last part of my lyf I leave it on my Son’s Wife..Watever these three women will say I will follow and I know that by doing so my lyf will be happy and that’s wat I expect out of it..
So to all the ladies from my side:

Jaishree Ram,


  1. hmmm.......u r absolutely correct!
    better let the women control ur life...coz yes-YOU GUYS OWE YOUR LIFE TO US!!!!!!!!

  2. ya,u r right..women r life givers, u need them

    but one should also realize that women too have needs n they also have a life

    y people just say-i need u,u r my support,u r my life,u give me all happiness...
    n not-i'll fulfill all ur needs,ur dreamz,i'll give u happiness

  3. I like the way you write... :)

    Thought process is easy to follow and there is a level of coherence that is difficult in writing. Good work :)

    A smaller font size will improve the readability of the posts.

    Thanks for your wishes on Women's day.. here is my bit on it :

    A woman should compliment her folks' strengths and level their weaknesses. A great home is made by a woman who is at peace with herself or knows to seek help on her emotionally turbulent moments :) Well, that's my take and if this sounds serious, may be it just is :) Over the years the tone of my writing has changed is what people say, I leave it to the reader to take it or leave it :)

    keep writing and continue to ease the head aches and tensions of one and all around you.