Monday, July 26, 2010

The difficulty of being honest..!

“Honesty is the best policy”..Can anyone not remember this quote!?!It’s something that has been embedded to our minds and brains..But as we know there’s another side to the same coin..There are certain difficulties of being honest too..I know all of you must be wondering as to what could be the difficulties in being honest!?!There are and I’m going to make you aware of them..
Being honest can sometimes prove to be dangerous for our own well being..Let’s take the case of ‘Police at your door steps” banner..Am sure everyone among you must have had seen or heard this slogan outside every other police station..Let’s be truthful and answer ourselves as to how many of us would really come forward and try to castigate the baleful??Sometimes when we see any wrong being done in front of our eyes, we either by stand and give a limpid look at the nefarious activities or better still we aver our minds to think that it was just an incubus..There is not a speck of imbroglio in our minds so as to come forward and report the incident to the police..
Let’s face it..We all are basically crepuscular and have cupidity stuffed into us..We gainsay with mouth agape that we dint see any of the fracas..On the other hand the police too are afraid of being escheated..Thus being honest can be difficult at that point of time..
Thus we can safely assume that honesty, although being the best policy, can sometimes prove to be a hindrance or obstruction in the path of our florid, indefatigable and functionary life..

Jaishree Ram,


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  2. you know what..prateek i think its good to be honest but sometimes its very circumstantial..haina??

  3. Sometimes being honest can definitely back fire. So its best left uptp the sitaution tht u r in.

  4. it is sometimes difficult to be honest, even if it was necessary.