Thursday, July 22, 2010

Y do critics write off Akshay Kumar??

“Saari duniya hili, Bangkok se Delhi,
Macha jo shor, Baat galli galli phaili,
Log machaye shor, Lutaye krore,
Akshay Kumar mere dil ka chor.”

I don’t know as to how many of you like Akshay Kumar but I kind of like worship the Khiladi Kumar..He is one of the top 5 forty plus heroes who still make, not just the ladies go down on their knees..Girls still fall for his handsome macho man type looks and cute smile and guys still worship him for his action skills, comedy cracks and his awesome facial expressions..He was awarded the most popular hero award a couple of times and thus there is no doubt in the common man’s mind about his stardom..He is the highest grossing Indian star oversees..

“Acting karne chale waise hazaro,
Baadshah ek, baaki saare fail.”

But wait a minute..I’m not here to tell you about how good he is..I’m here to ask why do the critics not reciprocate the common man’s thoughts??Why do the people who are considered to give every movie a face, right on the very first Friday it is released (sometimes even pre-release), so that the whole world listens to them and decides whether to go or not for the movie, the critics, write him off??Why can’t the critics see any good in this man??Why????????
“Log bole mujhe bollywood star,
Naam mera Akshay Kumar.”

In a recent survey, by most of the critics, of most of the newspapers, together, the following result was found out:

2010: HouseFull
2009: Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani (Kambakht Ishq finished a close 2nd)
2008: Singh Is Kinng
2007: Heyy Babyy
2006: Krrish(Phir Hera Pheri finished a close 3rd)
2005: Waqt
2004: Mujhse Shadi Karogi
2003: Andaaz
2002: Raaz
2001: Gadar

Can anyone just give a wild guess as to what this survey may be related to??I know it’s hard to correlate all these movies together but there is one thing that combines all these movies together..This survey..The survey is of the movies of the last 10 years which were super hit but had been written off by the critics as worthless and having no story content in it..All these movies proved to be the dark horses and emerged out in flying colours although having no story content in them, as said by the critics..They themselves were wondering as to how these movies did make to the top without having anything to talk about them..
But what I saw in this survey was not what many had seen..It had been overlooked by most of you’ll..The fact that out of the TEN movies jotted down by the critics SIX are an Akshay Kumar movie and TWO movies finished close 2nd and 3rd..
I don’t know what is wrong with the critics and why do they always pin point out an Akshay Kumar movie?? This attitude is leading the common man to postpone his movies to the 2nd weekend rather than being eager to see it on the very 1st..People have started speculating his movies to be flops..Before even seeing the movie, much before it being released, people come up and say “array yaar, yeh movie flop hone wali hai”..

“Hum hai seedhe saadhe
Akshay Akshay.”

I really hope that his forth coming ventures, Khatta Meetha, Action Replayy, Patiala House and Tees mar Khan, turn out to be super hit and their success leads the producers of the movies to the bank with a big smile on their face and as well shut the mouths of the people whom we trust to give an honest and COMMON MAN opinion of the movie before we see it, the critics..

Jaishree Ram,


  1. Yes! Khiladi kumar has done some outstanding films but if you look at his recent ventures, you will surely be disappointed by his work. Anyway, more power to him. May he succeed.


  2. I wont say i am fan of his but yeah i do watch his films as and when they come or when i get time .. the problem is the directors they dont use this guy as he shud be used .. he has done some very good films ..
    his first ones the khiladi ones was so good ..
    anyway all the best to him.. singh is king was also good ...

  3. i totally agree wid Vinayak..........his recent films were like total it BLUE or HOUSEFULL or KHATTA MEETHA....
    nd there are actors who are far far better than him...