Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wearing Flats..

A few days back I had gone out to the city centre mall for shopping some stuff before I left from Chennai for home sweet home, Jamshedpur on my summer holidays..I finished off my shopping by 3:30..I was fully exhausted and tired and was having the exact feeling for a power nap, the kind which ViruS used to have in 3 Idiots..So finding one lone corner and a bench just below the air conditioner vent I dozed off..
I woke up around 4 and was fully rejuvenated..Suddenly a beautiful young lady caught my attention..She was good looking, smart, sexy and above all Tall..So being the average heighted guy, my vision slowly shifted over to the height of her heels..Alas!!I was shocked..This bomb shell was not wearing any stilettos..On the contrary she was wearing Flats..This raised my suspicion and made me sit down for a while and ponder..
I clearly remembered telling my mom in the late 90’s and early 2000’s to wear high heels..She always wore flats and I kept on pestering her to wear heels because all girls among my friends used to wear stilettos on any occasion they could get other than school..Be it the girls from my school or the girls from sacred heart convent who I knew pretty well..All of them used to keep lurking for opportunities to wear stilettos..And my mom, being her sexy self, never ever looked towards high heels..This pissed me off pretty badly..She used to have just one dialogue on her lips always, “One day you’ll see that comfort is more important than style..”
Was this day THAT day??Sitting on a lonely bench of city centre, being around 5000 miles away from me, my mom made me wonder at her foresightedness..I kept sitting on that corner bench and checking out the ladies passing by towards the exit..You won’t believe it, 95% of the girls and ladies I noticed for that period of half an hour dint bother to wear high heels..One or two in intermittent spurts came wearing a little heel but that too not something of the stiletto standard..
Amidst this turmoil and remembrance of the past I completely forgot about the girl I was looking at (oh please, come on, I was not ogling) who inaugurated this thought in the deepest corners of my grey matter..I just stepped up and walked out of the air cooled mall and walking in the sweltering sun’s heat just thanked that girl for making me think and increase my trust in my belief that my mom could really see the future..
Surely my mom was right then..Comfort does come before style and it took me so many years to believe her prognostication..

Jaishree Ram,


  1. mom's are always right! ;)

    that aside, i love heels. sky-high heels, even. but there's a place and time for everything. like-wise, there's a place & time for heels... i wouldn't wear mine when i know i have to walk/take public transport.

  2. i love wearing flats coz they r so comfortable. Heels are good only when u dont hav to walk too much.

  3. I second Ria. I avoid wearing heels.
    Flats are the best.

  4. flats are nice, when you are in a rush. :)

    a stiletto is nice when you are just going for an elaborate"sit down" function, like a friend's wedding or a birthday party.