Friday, July 16, 2010

FIFA WC / BIG W..............??

Yeappppppppppppaah uun tos trey Espaniol Espaniol Espaniol..The Spaniards are finally the undefeated champions of the 2010 Fifa world cup..Sorry lemme rephrase the last sentence..They were not undefeatable..They were the only team in the history of the world cup to have won the cup after having lost their very first match..They lost their first match to Switzerland..
But wait-o-wait..This post is not about the soccer world cup and how non defeat-able the stylish Spaniards were but this is more about the other international game that was going on simultaneously at the same time on the courts of London..I guess you’ve got it right..I am talking about the Wimbledon, the Big W..When the whole world was rooting for the Messi’s, the Ronaldo’s, the Forlan’s, the Klose’s and the Kaka’s, I was ardently cheering for the Nadal’s, the Federer’s, the Williams sisters, the Henin Hardenne’s and the Clijsters’..
Another Spaniard, Rafael Nadal, yet once again won the Tennis grand slam which took him to his personal best of 8 Grand slam titles which include 5 French open titles, 1 Australian open title and 2 Wimbledon open titles..I personally don’t like the game of soccer to that extent that I’ll just go everywhere and talk of nothing but football in that whole month of the World Cup..But I luv the game of Tennis to that extent that when there’s a match between Brazil and Netherlands going on, on ESPN, I would gladly sit through the whole time watching Nadal beat Andy Murray and race into the final of the Wimbledon, on Star Sports..
I don’t know about the rest of the world but I, at least had one person who was as crazy as me..The person is none other than soccer star David Beckham..He, although being a leading man for the game of football, sat all through the match between Nadal and Murray just to cheer his country..Andy Murray was the only British player in the top 4 of the Wimbledon, and Becks had to cheer his own country rather than his own favourite sport..
The last time winner and the person with the maximum Grand Slam titles, Roger Federer, lost the chance to defend his Big W title when he lost to Tomas Berdych at the quarter finals..Roger Federer was my personal favourite for the title (and will always be)..He hails from Switzerland..The country which defeated the champions of the 2010 soccer extravaganza in their very first league match..It’s too vague of a co-incidence but still is one in its own right!!
All in all 2010 is the year of the Spaniards who won the game in both the forms and have full rights to rejoice and show off for the rest of the year to the whole world that they are the Champions..

Jaishree Ram,


  1. Yeah Spain was really good!! Although i dunno why but i wanted Netherlands to win. :P

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