Monday, August 23, 2010

Angel-in-a Jolie.............................!!

When Angelina Jolie was offered the role of a Bond girl she refused it saying, “Why should I be a Bond gal when I can myself be Bond??”..The whole world was shocked on this comment of her; but but but when you come out with movie’s such as Tomb Raider, Mr and Mrs Smith, Taking Lives, Wanted and Salt, you become pretty sure that she was very true in her comment..
The latest in the series to come was the movie Salt..In this movie Angie, as she is lovingly called by the whole world, is an officer in the US intelligence..She is like the best in her job and she is supposedly convicted to be a Russian spy who had been trained from childhood for a specific purpose..The purpose is to sacrifice herself for her motherland Russia and show the whole world that US is not the country ruling the world..The process for attaining this goal is to kill the Russian president when he is on tour of the US for the death ceremony of the US vice-president and a few days after kill the US president himself..Thus creating a war between the super powers..A war which would finally culminate into a 3rd world war as the other countries will be surely and supposedly taking sides!!
The poise and elegance with which she portrays her character is awesome..Although her body double is more visible and has a meatier role than her in the movie, still this doe eyed beauty steals the frame and captures your mind even when she does some impossible deeds like making of a bomb out of some chemicals and a fire extinguisher!!
It’s actually when you see her fall from the helicopter to the river, swim to safety and then run away through the forest that you actually feel that the movie is over and you are left panting for a sequel and a prequel..
So hats off to this chiselled face beauty and I hope so some day like in the phantom series finally a lady becomes the cherished character of Bond and that is no one but our very own Angel-in-a Jolie!!

Jaishree Ram,

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