Sunday, January 16, 2011

One good thing and one not so good thing about Sexy Six..!!

What better way to start the new year on my blog with a post that talks about my five close friends..They are just not my roomies and next door mates; they are the ones who breathe life into my soul..Namely:
Vinayak Seth, Apoorv Agarwal, Aditya Sharma, Pranay Sharma and Pawan Sharma
Our group of six, which includes the above mentioned and me, calls itself The Sexy Six..Apoorv, Vinayak and I have been roomies for 4 years now..Pranay, Aditya and Pawan are our next door neighbors but have been our best friends since the last 2 years..Today I would want to jot down one point that I think is good in each one of them and one which is not so good..
Good things first:
Vinayak---Has the ability to get a laugh on my face whenever am very upset..He and I are like tom and jerry, fighting always..But I like him the most..
Apoorv---He is the most hard working homo sapien I have ever seen..If he is given any task and he accepts it then rest assured that he will work his ass off and never allow any shortcomings..And one more thing is that when am with him I don’t have to worry about the expenses..I know that he is there to settle the bills and later on I can repay him back..
Aditya---He and I both have this one thing in common..He, like me, is not able to see anyone sad ever..He tries his level best not to hurt anyone, especially with his words..He chooses his words very carefully before uttering them out so that no one, not even the ones eavesdropping, get hurt by what he says..
Pranay---He is someone who I can rest assured that will always be behind my back..Whether I do anything good or bad he will always stand by me..He is that good..
Pawan---He is someone who never lets me realize that I am the weakest student among all of them..
Now the hard part:
Apoorv---He has the talent of asking for your laptop for two minutes and then spending 3.5 hours with it and all the while he will just keep saying that his work is almost done..And one more thing Beware of him when he is free and does not have any work to do..He will do all sorts of things and irritate you..He will start fisting with you, he’ll got up on your back if you are lying on your bed..(But know what even that is adorable..!!)
Aditya---Follows Vinayak a bit too much..(Follows as in the sense listens to whatever Vinayak says..)
Pranay---Exaggerates a bit too much..
Pawan---At times becomes very adamant and does not listen to anyone even when others are telling for his own good..
Vinayak---I love people who are selfish and I rate myself on the top of the list but He is Self-Centered..That’s bad..(At times..)

Jaishree Ram,


  1. Oh that was a nice post....But you need to check your data twice before you say Apoorv takes your laptop for 3.5 hours...It's minimum for 10 hours and seventeen minutes...And all this time when you ask him back he would say just two minutes...:D
    And motherfucker Aditya does not follow me....I follow him...He is my Guru...Watch your tongue you cheap whore...:D

  2. Wow, this proves that it does not matter how much we try to keep you out, you know a lot about all of us. Good observations. :D :D :D
    And yes about PAWAN`s good things, I think it was a bit harsh.
    - A true follower using anonymous profile :)