Sunday, April 18, 2010


Smooch..!!Whenever we hear of this term a sweet kind of itching takes place in our heart..This feeling is beyond description..It can be only felt by someone who has had the good luck of experiencing it with someone..But am sure that whenever our elders hear about it from our mouth, or even see it in a movie, they find it pretty obscene..So, whenever you are in doldrums as to what to answer when some elder asks or even talks about it tell them the positive side of it..Tell them the following points, or better still ask them to check out this post on my blog..Some little known trivia about kissing, one of the most beautiful and pleasure giving experiences of the world!!
  •   A one minute kiss helps you burn 26 calories..So go on, pucker up..
  •  Regular kissing is known to reduce tooth decay since the extra saliva helps to clean out the mouth..The anticipation of a kiss itself will send more saliva to your mouth..
  •  The average person spends 20,160 minutes kissing in their lifetime..
  • About two-thirds of people turn their heads to the right when they’re kissing..Some experts say that this habit begins in the womb itself..
  • French kissing involves all 34 muscles in your mouth..
  • It is said that kissing once the wedding ceremony is over has its origin in the ancient Roman era where a kiss was used to start a contract..

Jaishree Ram,


  1. i want more on this topic.............SMOOCH....!
    gr8 feeling...! y don't elders understand how important it is in life........HAHA!....!

    pears is a pears,
    plum is a plum,
    but kiss is not a kiss
    until u use ur tounge......!

    so open ur mouth n close ur eyes
    let ur mouth n tounge do some excercise......!

  2. hahaha jaisree. you are a jeniuos,thanks

    A kiss from a friend,
    Means...that they care.
    A kiss from your Dad
    It's pretty rare.
    A kiss on the cheek at Grandma's house,
    A kiss from a wife, a kiss to her spouse.
    A kiss from your lover,
    Lets passion unwind,
    A kiss from Mom, one..of..a..kind.

    A kiss from the stars,
    Shining above,
    A kiss from your daughter,
    Showing her love.
    A kiss from the sun,
    Softly brushes my lips.
    A kiss from your fiance,
    A kiss won't last for just a day.

    A kiss on the doorstep,
    A kiss at the train,
    A kiss in the moonlight,
    A kiss in the rain.

    A kiss for your kiss,
    A kiss on your lips.
    A kiss from far away.
    From my bunker, straight to you,
    I'm sending one today.

    A kiss to bring a welcomed smile,
    I'm sending just for you,
    A kiss to cheer you up today,
    For feeling oh so blue.

    wow the feeling you get is wonderful ;)

    its for my sweatheart