Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Bright Side of Chocolate..!!

When it comes to chocolates, the world is divided into two types of people..Those who love it and those who adore it..And it doesn’t have to be fattening..Chocolates r the world’s most decadent, legal pleasure possible..
Right from my childhood I used to see my dad bring a 5-STAR for my mom every day after they came back from office together..Then he used to gift it to her while sitting for tea together and say the tag line of the product—“A GIFT FOR SOMEONE U LUV”..It was dad’s rule to get it every day..I clearly remember asking mom as to y she would blush and accept it gleefully everyday as if she dint know that he would be bringing it..And she said “That’s what ur dad wants..He fell in luv with me because of that blush on my face when he offered me the 5-STAR for the first time..And I know that he can do anything to get that blushing smile on my face everyday..And the best way to do it by getting me my favourite chocolate..Some gals luv flowers, some diamonds but all gals luv chocolates..” The best part was that dad was eavesdropping on this conversation and so from that day onwards my dad started getting two 5-STAR’s one for mom and one for me..That’s how my luv for chocolates developed..And believe it or not till date I’m a fan of 5-STAR and I have to have it every day..I may be completely broke at my wallet but I’ll beg, borrow or steal 5 rupees just to get my daily bite of the delicacy..
When all other parents kept beseeching their sons and daughters to keep a safe distance from chocolates as they tend to rupture and eat into our teeth and cause cavities, my parents never stopped me from enjoying the delightful please of having a chocolate..It was just a mere peccadillo..
When I came to college I was introduced to the other forms of the delicacy by my roomies..Till then 5-STAR was my only bite but now I’ve also tasted other chocolates (thanks to my roomies!!) and I can safely declare that there won’t be any other thing as flavorous as chocolates..Chocolates r an integral part of my life and its flavours r intertwined in all the interstices of my body..
A European eats 5 kilograms of chocolate a year whereas an Indian consumes just a mere 300 grams..!!
Here r some salient features:
  • Eat 100% chocolate, rather than milk chocolate, which is fattening and not really the real thing..
  • Let the chocolate melt in ur mouth for at least ten minutes..It is then only that u will be able to experience its flavours..Remember u don’t eat chocolates, u experience it..
  • A big part of experiencing chocolate is its quality..If it is not smooth and can’t be rolled on the tongue, ur not eating the right kind..
  • The best variety of chocolate in the world is single-origin chocolate..If the cocoa bean was grown in Cuba, u should “feel the flavours of Cuba”..
  • Never eat chocolates because u wanna eat something sweet, eat it only because u wanna eat chocolate..

Jaishree Ram,

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  1. CHOCOLATES?????
    who doesn't lyk chocolates is surely not a normal human....I ADORE IT.....and thisone took me 2 the world of chocolates.....5STAR,DAIRYMILK SERIES-> ALMODS,FRUITS N NUTS,"SILK",TEMPTATION,...