Friday, April 2, 2010


I’ve heard that early morning dreams come true..But I have never been so lucky to have many..Actually am a very sound sleeper and I generally don’t dream..Or maybe that I don’t remember the dreams that I have at nit till I wake up in the morn..Whatever the case is but today early morning I had a dream that made me ponder so much that it automatically gained its share to be posted here..It made me even remember of the Amitabh Bachchan flick BAGHBAN..But one afore mentioned request: As it is a dream so there may be no logical connect between the events..So as I say that it’s a dream, let ur imagination flow from wild, wilder to wildest..
The dream started somewhere in the future and ended somewhere in the past..It was maybe a few years after I pass out college..Think around 2016..I was watching the parade in the army ranks somewhere in some cantonment..A very gud friend of mine was among the army officials there, so that’s how I got the invitation..So after they all finished off their parade he came up to me and we started chatting on general topics..About life after college, about our wives and children and lots of other such chit chat gossip..After a while he got a call on his cell..It was from his mom..He was like telling her “mom it’s alright, don’t worry, nothing will happen, these things do happen, even u should hav been more considerate” and such similar stuff..After disconnecting, wen I asked him, he told me that his mom was at some relative’s house and some cousin of his had scolded her in front of all at the dinner table..The reason being that she was wearing a bit shabby looking sari and there were some high officials at dinner from his cousins office..So his cousin felt it bad and asked, rather rudely ordered, her to go and change up and come..So his mom felt insulted and left the dining table not to return back..Going to her room she called up her son, my friend, to narrate the story and ask him to do something..So I asked him as to wat he would do??But my friend was pretty calm and said me as well that these things do happen in families and one should not give air to such sparks so that they end up being like forest fires..Before I could say something he was summoned up to report to his higher officials immediately..So he took my leave and went off..
Walking back toward my home an old memory came into my mind wen I eavesdropped on a conversation between my eldest cousin and some other family relative on her paternal side over the phone..She was like scolding and berating the person on the other side severely..Seemed as if she would have beaten him black and blue had he been in front of her then and there..This incident happened around 8 years back from the then present (2016) i.e. say in 2008 wen my aunt, her mom, was still alive but battling wit cancer..Wen she finished her call I bravely went up to her and asked her as to wat had been flustering her mind..My cousin was very frank wit her little bro (ME)..Even then..She told me that the person she was talking to over the phone had dissed her ailing mom and her mom called her up and told that his words had hurt her severely..So my cousin called him up and hurled all kinds of expletives that she could and asked him to say sorry to her mom..He did comply and called up my aunt to say sorry as my aunt called my cousin up and told her later..
Tong tong tong tong..Went on my alarm clock and I woke up..I hate my alarm clock..Who doesn’t??I wanted to see some more to the story..But if wishes were horses beggars might ride..
But these two stories have given me thought enough to ask that wat would we have had done!!Would we be like my friend who was impervious to the fact that his mom was insulted or like my cousin sister who was ready to go at wars wit the person who insulted her mom??If I’m reading all ur minds correctly, u too wanna take the 2nd option, like me..
I hope so situations in our life don’t lead us to circumstances where we become so busy or so stoic that we turn a limpid glance to the insults borne by the two people who came together to bring our existence onto this world..
I promise that there won’t be a BAGHBAN at my home..Do U????????

Jaishree Ram,


  1. I promise.....their wont be a 'baghban' at my home too.......coz we hav seen that movie for several time as set max people keep on showing it....!
    well that's a bitter truth of today's life....where people are so busy with their life n career that they grow so selfish to think about others even their own parents...good work dude...keep on spreading such dreamzzzz 2 others.