Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chennai Rains.......

If you are in Chennai then there is one thing that you should stay away from and there is another thing that you should not miss even for your life..Summers being the first and Monsoons being the second..
Monsoons have just arrived in Chennai a week and a half back..To all of you who are weak in geography and used to doze off when geography teacher used to teach then here is some little information for you..Chennai has winter rainfall..It rains here in Chennai in the months of Oct-Jan..In Aug you might have the odd shower once or twice for a respite from the trashing heat but real monsoons start now only..
People do complaint that the streets gets clogged and water-logged but I love it when it rains..I have witnessed 5 continuous monsoons here in Chennai and am completely, truly, madly and irrevocably in love with the rains here..Yeah at times it does ruin your perfect outfit that you had worn for going to office/college or maybe a wedding or a birthday party but it provides the much needed respite from the heat of the summers..The summers extending from Feb to Sept is a really long time..The monsoons provide respite from the heat and makes the weather cool and pleasant..The weather in these monsoon months are simply awesome..You don’t feel the heat of summers and neither do you have to wear any sweaters or heavy jackets to keep you warm like in the winters of North/East/West India..So you can easily sport out in a plain pullover and that would be perfect..
The city looks greener..The soil smells awesome..The two small rivers (read: canals) are full of water..And above all the sea looks flooded and amazing..If any of you have never seen the sea during rains, then let me tell you that you are missing a visual treat in life..Go out and enjoy the sea when it’s raining..The sea seems like a raging bull always..But when it is experiencing rains it is calm and serene showing respect to be the power greater than itself i.e. rains..Meanwhile still having the raring to go attitude always underneath the skin and soon as the rains stop its up and away, back to its original bullishness..All in all you would love it..I love it..The sea looks magical when it rains and I can spend hours staring at the sea when it pours cats and dogs..
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!Chennai rains!!!They are so gorgeous, you just can’t get enough of it.!

Jaishree Ram,

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