Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Indiblogger— we blog, therefore we are!!

Indiblogger on my t shirt
Day before yesterday was one of the best days of my stay here in Chennai..Had a Blogger’s meet here in namma Chennai..It was the first time I was attending a bloggers meet..That too when it was in Chennai itself so I didn’t want to miss it..Met so many friends whom previously I knew only virtually i.e. via blogs only..But I know them personally..Made some really great friends..
HYATT entrance
The day began with me searching out the HYATT in Chennai..I knew the approximate area where it was but had never visited it before..It was grand from the outside but from the inside it was an out of the world experience..I loved the HYATT..It was so beautifully decorated plus the interiors were superb..Now entering the mini auditorium where the meet was held, I could see a plethora of bloggers waiting there for the program to start..I registered myself via my mail id and got myself stamped on the hand and there I was, a part and parcel of the function to be held..
The agenda was simple and clear cut..We started with the basic introductions and that’s how we came to know more and more people..People ranging from guys, gals to elderly people to working people to students like me..It was so good to see people who had similar thought processes like mine..Everyone loved to talk, talk, talk and only talk..It was so like me..
Indiblogger Stamp
We were given the detailing of the TATA GRANDE DICOR, the chief sponsors of the gala event..We were given a discount for people (read: bloggers) who wanted to buy the SUV..The SUV was really an animal as was aptly said by them..It looked wonderful both from the outside and the inside and after reading the specifications of the SUV I was completely and totally fida on it..
By the time we were asked to head out for high tea I had already made loads of friends and even won a laptop skin..The gifts distributed were so random and did not demand much of you..On one thing I was completely wrong before going to the event..I had totally underestimated the term HIGH TEA..I never knew high tea provided by the HYATT would prove to be one of the best lunches that I ever had..Although there were no regular lunch items and all were snacks and starters only but these were so tasty and mouth watering that I had to fill mu tummy up with them..I had loads of free food, as I term it..
Then heading back to the mini auditorium many people were given gifts whoever posted some really good pics of the events on twitter..Many people won Headphones and many won Swiss-knives..After this we were given a presentation by a theater group, Strayfactory, who had converted some 15 blog posts into a play and which is soon to be turned into a feature film..They were talking about the play which was called Bloglogues..
Then came the best part of the evening when we all were handed over a big white sheet and sketch pens to move around and talk to people and meet then and ask them to write their blog id’s and names so that we could visit them asap..They could even write anything they felt like writing on those sheets..Many gifts were there for the wackiest line written on any sheet..Many won prizes in that..After this we were divided into large groups where we could sit and discuss..I group was discussing about how to design their blog better, one group was talking about ‘I Love Chennai’, one group was talking about travel and cars and finally my group which was playing Truth and Dare..It was real fun..
The t shirt on my back
After this we headed over for group photographs and then we moved towards collecting our free t shirts and then we said good bye to friends and promised to meet new ones on blogs and promised to keep in touch with the old ones..
All in all the day was very well spent and all thanks to Indiblogger and TATA Grande Dicor..

Jaishree Ram,


  1. Congrats on winning the Laptop skin freebie... I too had a great time during the Indiblogger meet. This was my second Indiblogger meet, I have been to one more in Bangalore before a couple of years.

    Its important that Bloggers remain networked with each other, and help each other. That's one thing these meets enables one to do. Good to know one fellow-Chennai blogger here. Please keep in touch.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Congrats, I want that T-shirt...:)


  3. Hey, Congrats for winning the laptop skin. I am following your blog

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  5. Being in Chennai i missed this meet :-(

    how do you get to know about such blogger's meet buddy?


  6. Hey:

    Glad to catch you here. thanks for coming over to my blog and following. Much appreciated.

    The meet was wonderful and we had a ball.

    Hope to see you again in the future.

    Joy always,

  7. Nice meeting u the other day too...am following your blog too...take care and keep in touch...

  8. Nice review by the way....!!

    It was all fun to be with fellow bloggers!!

    Thanks for dropping by, I'll follow ur blog!!

    Here is my take on the Indibloger meet!!


    Do read when u get time!!! n so u too were a part of the fun team is it?? :)

    cool then!!


  9. hey congrats...i m too happy for ya........u r really out of the box...............

  10. Sound like a lot of fun.... Thanks for stopping by and following

  11. Nice review dude.. It was nice to meet so many like minded people.. I'm just happy that I didn't listen to the chick who was giving away the T-shirts and got the size smaller then what She recommended.. it turned out to be a perfect fit.. :)

  12. have been blogging since 2008. Never been to a blogger's meet. Lucky you :D

  13. wow the pics look good and congrats on winning. :)

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