Monday, September 12, 2011

The phone..

The phone rings:
“Oh God, cant I even have a moment of peace!!!!”
The phone does not ring:
“Oh God, does no one even remember me!!!!”

I don’t know how many of you have faced this in real life but keep facing it numerous times..I really am not able to understand what people used to do when there was no phones..Forget about telephones what would today’s generation do without cell phones!!Its gives me a scare to even think of a moment without my cell..From the very inception of it in my life it has been more than just a cell phone..It has always been a body part..I can’t leave its sight for even a second..I take it along with me when I am taking a shower, I keep it below my pillow when I go off to sleep and I keep it in my pocket the rest of the time..Over the years I have stopped referring to it as ‘it’ and more appropriately have started referring to it as ‘her’..She has proved to be my most loyal and most long standing girl friend..
She is a Nokia N70m (Music edition) cell phone which just turned 4 years in age on the 27th of July this year..I have been using her from the time when my friends used to envy me for having her to the time when my friends started begging me to buy a new cell phone..When I got her my friends used to envy me because at that time they did not have a cell phone that had a screen that was even closer to as big as my cell had..But as time passed by my friends upgraded themselves keeping in accordance with the passing time but I stuck to her..More appropriately she stuck on to me..She is so good that she scarcely gets malfunctioning..She has suffered a lot to torture from me..She has fallen from great heights, she has fallen into water holes, she has fallen on the street and has been dragged for a considerable distance like a rolling stone and lastly she has also come under the weight of an ongoing auto rickshaw..But she has still remained as strong as ever..My friends have moved on to cell phones that have screen thrice the size of my cell but I still can’t leave the charm of my beloved black beauty..
The initial mentioned situation happens to me very frequently..There are many days that I feel like getting one more cell phone as I am unable to talk and message at the same time as I have lost my cell ear phones..So it is very necessary that I get another cell..On some other occasions I feel that what do I need this cell phone for as no one even bothers to call me up and talk..Some days there will be 5-6 people calling up at the same time and I won’t be able to manage my calls..I will just keep swapping and talking and put one by one on hold..It turns out to be more of a conference call..On some other days I won’t have anyone calling me up for the full day..Of all the calls that I get there r two people who call me constantly..One is my Mom and the other my Dad..
On some days, when I get calls from lots of people, I completely forget that they are the two who call me always and then I start quarrelling with them as to why they keep calling so frequently.. Those are the days I completely forget that they are the permanent ones and the others are all volatile..One similar incident happened a few days back when I came home completely drenched and they had already called my flatmate as I was not picking up my cell..I was in the middle of the rains so I couldn’t pick up the call but when I reached home and they called up I got a bit angry..I should not have had gone angry..I am really Sorry mom and dad..Just couldn’t muster up the courage enough to tell you’ll over the phone that I am sorry so I thought this was a better platform to say it..I am SORRY!!You both can call me up as many times as you want in the day and I won’t ever feel bad about it..After all its because of you both that I am whatever I am today..You both OWN me..Mentally, physically, emotionally and ethically..I am sorry.!!

Jaishree Ram,


  1. Well...once upon a time my phone used to ring a lot...but not anymore! Now the only person whp calls me is my husband.

  2. True. Most of us can't be awy from our cell phones for long. It, sorry sorry, They are an integral part of our lives.

  3. its d same with me and one calls me constantly thats my mom and dhiraj and one msgs me and tats u ma sweetest frnd

  4. this one is gud!! :)

    Same use to happen with me too. but now ppl r too busy too remember me.... but true only person who wud call u up everyday are ur parents...
    MOM n DAD <3 them! :)