Monday, September 19, 2011

Love Conquers All...!

This is not me speaking..This is the Sacred Heart Convent motto..It is inscribed in all their shirts and its mandatory for everyone to have this badge on their shirts..This post is not about how beautiful this logo is designed or how meaningful this motto is, but it’s about the reel and real factor..
The fact is that this motto is supposed to be followed in life by all the girls studying in SHC, but how many do follow this???Ok..Ok..I agree they do follow this with all their heart but how far do the nuns and spinsters follow this???They are pretty aptly called sisters..If the world goes according to their wishes then they would make all the girls in the world sisters of all the guys..
The rules are supposed to be that all girls studying in SHC are supposed not to have boyfriends but thumbs up to the conventine girls that they are written off to be the ones having the maximum boyfriends..The sisters want them not to be interacting with guys and thus they don’t even allow any guys to come in front of SHC gate where they have the bike stand..
I really love the guts shown by the girls of SHC and the confidence they exude is awe inspiring..By this post I just want to thank all the SHC gals who’ve entered my life in these past 22 years of my existence..Thank you for being there for me, with me and thank you for having the judgement of differentiating the good from the bad and thank you for having the guts to tell the wrong ones openly on face..
All in all this motto of convent will always be a mystery as it asks the girls to love everyone as love is the most powerful weapon and it conquers everyone but on the other hand the nuns and the sisters ask them not to be conversing with guys..Ironic..Paradoxical..Moreover an oxymoron of a motto..

Jaishree Ram,