Friday, February 4, 2011

Why Beg…??

Begging as defined by the dictionary is the solicitation for money or food..This is the stance by which people who are incapable ask for alms from fellow human beings and thus fill their tummies..I firmly believe that we eat to live rather than live to eat..Thus food is the basic requirement for any human being to survive on the planet..
But don’t you think the job via which you earn your bread and butter should be a dignified one???
I know it that not everyone has a well classified job which pays them a 5 figure salary..But people work hard to go small jobs even and earn their living..
But there is a certain category of people who want to beg and earn their living only..I am ok with people who beg because they are leprosy patients or they are castrated eunuchs..When they beg its moral to pay them up as people don’t want to give them jobs..But when a perfectly able person with all his limbs and every body part intact comes up and asks for alms, I feel it’s very immoral to pay them up..
It so happens that these category of people don’t feel like doing hard work and earning their living..They beg once and they get an addiction for earning their living free of cost without any hard work..I have many a times seen my mom-dad ask these people to come and work for us at our home but they openly refuse to work..Once or twice we even feel that may be because of their family entanglements they don’t want to come up and work at our home but that is not the case always..Many of them have no family attachments and still then they don’t want to work and earn their living..
As my dad has taught me from my childhood that “No job is bad, just that the hard work should be seen”..These people seem to have never put a thought to work hard and earn their living..They are addicted to the free fund meal that they get by begging and enjoy the life without doing any work..These kind of people are the worst kind of human beings possible..When you are capable of earning a livelihood then why beg????

Jaishree Ram,

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  1. well if you ask me then the handicapped people are a source of inspiration.
    they give us the message that though unable to earn they wont steal and eat.thats their ethics and that is why they should be helped.
    good work bro