Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Dumb are not Deaf..!!

All those thinking that this post is about the mentally dumb people are actually dumb enough to keep thinking that there is only a single meaning to the term dumb i.e. “slow to learn and adapt” and in common Hindi “MAND-BUDDHI”..When I was a little child and I first learnt this word, it had a totally different meaning than what we generally use it for now-a-days..Dumb is referred to a person who actually is unable to speak and its counterpart in the hearing zone is known as deaf..
So this summer when I went back home for my summer vacations I had some problems with the water pump used in my house and thus it had to be replaced by a new one, Submersible CRI pumps, which is supposedly the best in the market now..So for getting this job done my dad hired a good plumber..He had many workers under him..Among them there was a guy may be in his early thirties who was dumb..Dumb as in the real sense of the word..He could not speak..
(I may be dumb but am sure not deaf!!)
All his co workers were addressing him and calling out to him by actions and not by words..The used to talk to him in gestures..They used to talk to him in sign language..That is when it struck my mind that he only is dumb and not deaf..So why the heck do people talk to him in sign language..WHY??I was the one who started talking to him normally and he even responded normally by his actions..Although he could not reply by an answer but he used to do whatever work I asked him to do on one go..
That was the time when all his co-workers realized this fact too..From hence forth they also stopped talking to him in sign language and started giving him instructions verbally..This even reduced the ruckus that was going on during the work to a great extent as now there was no communication gap between the workers..
So it is my humble request to who-so-ever is reading this post that please do not categorize all dumb people as deaf too..They can hear very well and they do actually feel deprived and left off if they are not paid their due attention..
So the DUMB are not DEAF!!

Jaishree Ram,

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