Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Y Bollywood still can’t and Hollywood still does it once again..!!

This article is not about the age old battle that we Indians keep playing in our minds as to which is better and finally conclude that Bollywood is in its place just as Hollywood is in its place..This article is abt Hollywood proving it once again that it knows the world market much better than Bollywood..This article is abt the last two movies that I saw..KITES and PRINCE OF PERSIA: SANDS OF TIME..Both of which promised to be of international flavour..
On the 21st of may along with my friends, I woke up in the morning in full enthusiasm..The zeal was of going out to see Kites..A movie which we were expecting for the past one and a half years to get released..Finally a Hrithik Roshan movie..Finally a movie after the terrific portray by him of the gorgeous, handsome and very dashing Mughal king, Akhbar..A movie which had a Mexican beauty, Barbara Mori, flaunting a bikini on all the promos in front of a perfectly chiselled torso of Hrithik..A movie which created so much buzz even before it had started the shooting schedule..A movie which got delayed firstly due to 3 Idiots and later due to My Name Is Khan..Finally the movie was hitting the screens..So we all left in full eagerness to see this super hyped movie..
We saw the movie..
Can you believe it!!That would be the maximum I would give to this movie and that too only for the director and the actors..This is a movie which according to me had everything in it..And everything was at its supreme peak..The only thing lacking in the movie was a STORY..The movie had very good acting from both the lead actors and as well the supporting cast and the villains too..The movie had some very good action sequences which were looking of international standards..The movie had a very good director in Anurag Kashyap who did a terrific job and kept up to his expectations..Just had Rakesh Roshan hired a good story writer the movie would have been far better..Coupled with all of this the music of the movie was bland and insipid..Excepting one song none of the others left a mark..Hrithik on his tweet once said that the movie is well accepted by the foreign audience..That may not be a hoax..The movie was actually not made up to the Indian mind set..We Indians however much we become westernized we still want our hero in the movie to get the gal..We Indians can’t see sad endings..We strive to see happy endings..That’s y the phrase “Happys Endings”.. Thus I would finally like to conclude by saying that the movie which the producers claimed to have been an international standard Bollywood movie was a dud and did let every Indian down and did not prove even one bit of its worth of being an international magnum opus..
Next lets jump to the first of June..Morning 10:30 I finished off with my classes and planned to go for seeing the movie Prince of Persia: Sands of time..This is another movie whose trailer I saw around 6 months back and instantly fell in luv with..This was the movie which was life based of one of my favourite childhood computer games of the same name, Prince of Persia: sands of time..This game had two more parts and I loved them all equally..I especially always loved Prince Dastan..And the way he always saved the princess..The graphics of the game are so superb that I just keep on playing it for hours whenever I start the game..My other friends were not able to go with me because they had their classes still on so I, being an ardent fan of the game and even more enthusiastic after seeing the promos, set out alone for seeing the movie..
I saw the movie..
Can u believe it..A Hollywood movie set nowhere near about the western modern world nor in any stylishly gorgeous European country but in the deserts of the present Persia..The country which is considered as the father of all civilizations, Mesopotamia..The lead character played by Jake Gyllenhaal as prince Dastan reminded me of the game which I used to play and in all manners Jake was a better prince Dastan than what I had been all these years..And the actress, Gemma Arterton, was looking an actual Arab beauty..She was the perfect Damsel in Distress..The best part was the story..Adapting a movie from a game is not very easy..Previously many movies had done good business like Lara Croft but many dint do well even..So it’s hell of a risk..But still the makers Walt Disney took it onto them to make this movie a grand one..The action sequences were spell bounding, the cameraman-ship was outstanding and above all the direction was impeccable..The shooting locales, although half of it was built in the studios itself, were awesomely portrayed and depicted to a life size image..Finally but not lastly in any way, the animation work..It was something that I had never ever seen so beautifully done..The transformation of a life sized person into tiny miniscule particles of sand grains was a tough job but none the less was shown in a breathtaking way..Coupled with all of this the movie had a very good background score and the stunt sequences were as real as the game..The stunts were depicted by Jake Gyllenhaal just as they are in the game itself..
Thus I would end my argument by saying that Hollywood yet again showed the world that it does not require to make a movie set up in the western world or the flashy Europe but they can make a miraculously stylish film for an international audience anytime..Whereas Bollywood which claimed this Hrithik-Barbara starrer as the first movie to be made in Hindi and English simultaneously could not muster up the masala quotient that it was supposed to garner..

So once again a thumbs down to Kites and a holla ho to the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time..

Jaishree Ram,

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