Saturday, May 8, 2010

3 Decades Ahead........

My School!!
I stepped out from the yellow Ferrari GXcT second edition, recalling, when was the last time I landed my feet on my beloved hometown!!Everything had changed..After three decades being isolated on an island for a government top secret project, I am finally at liberty..It is 2040..The first place that I wish to visit after being secluded is my high school..So, off I go trying to locate the school based on the information on my car’s databank screen..Before my eye is a 30-storey building..As my car neared the main steel-like-made gate, a security guard, dressed in black coat with black spectacles approached and stopped my car..On his left hand hung an electron rifle, which from my observation, is the latest..He asked for my identification card..My renewed silver tiny mini ID is now slid through his Tagucci watch..Green light blinked..Carefully, I made my steps to the lift..It was terrific!!
The lift was gigantic, just about the size of my classroom 30 years ago..Within seconds, I was already at the principal’s room..I went in..Not a soul! ‘Maybe he has to attend a meeting’, I thought..I sat on a bluish chair..There was a red button, on it was stamped the principal’s name, Mr. Ranjit Chowdhury.. He was the principal from the time I was in the 3rd grade..I laid my finger on the button, applying just a little bit pressure expecting the bell to ring or alarm to rise, but to my amazement, the wall in front of me suddenly moved!!‘Oh my God, what did I do??’As I was about to leave, an old man, appeared from the opening..I introduced myself as he might have probably forgotten me, you know, it has been 30 years since I left.. Even Albert Einstein cannot remember much what happened 30 years ago what else Mr. Chowdhury, an ordinary principal from R.K.M High School..He checked my profile using his hand phone-like notebook and confirmed himself of my being his ex-student..Well, I couldn’t spend my life there, could I??
The shopping mall
After some history talks, I bid him goodbye!!What a technology!!Nobody to send me out, just a device installed to guide visitors safely out..As I was heading my way to the gate, I passed by a few classes..I can see no teachers at all!!That’s something I never thought could happen 30 years back..Life in school without teachers is so much fun I guess..Every student is equipped with the Microsoft Vs 8.9*KTXC, a palm-sized hi-tech invention to replace the old textbooks and revision books..Incredible!!
The next destination was to a shopping mall..I thought it wouldn’t have changed much but I guessed I was wrong..Definitely wrong!!C’mon, 30 years had passed; we cannot expect everything to be the same again..Neither do the things wanted to be the same..I entered the mall with curiosity..The first thing I notice is, there aren’t any goods displayed..All I could see was computer screens everywhere with the touch-pads..I moved onto the site..Unbelievable!!I just needed to place my order and confirm my purchase on the screen..Then, the robots will do all the remaining; they will collect the items I selected and send it to my house!!Wow!!
The theme park
After all the shocking advancements, I decided to go to the theme park, which I think will undergo less development..It was just a mile away..I stopped to collect my parking ticket at the main entrance, keyed in the ticket into my parking screen detector, and automatically, the steering will itself turn and move according to the direction given in the parking ticket..Something caught my attention..I was like, “WTF!!I need to wear the provided shoes just for the walking purposes?”..I was dumbfounded..There’s also a notice board stating those who step onto a prohibited area will be fined 350 Indian rupees..Therefore the authority has provided the shoes..The provided shoes will alarm the visitors if they are a meter away from the prohibited area..This is really something!!
Villain Territory #5
After hours of strolling at the park, I went straight back home..My house, addressed Villain Territory #5 needs a bullet-train lift’s help to get me there..After verifying all the data needed, my entry is authorized..I felt so exhausted..I headed towards the balcony; all that viewable is just a cluster of clouds, nothing else!!Before I forget, I’m staying on the 99th floor of the Villain Territory #5..Not bad actually..I just regret why I never choose the highest floor in the block which is on the 150th..The cool winds brushing through my hair felt just nice!!Looking back, my room is empty..Tell you what, everything is hidden!!Nothing is seen on the forefront..
The view from the 99th floor
Time to go to bed..I reached for a remote control and pressed the ‘sleep time’ button..Abrupt mechanically, a couch with its accessories appeared arranged accordingly all set for its owner to enjoy..I rest my head on a massager-installed pillow..The stereo earphone is plugged in and the song ‘As Long As You Love Me’ by Back Street Boys is now on air..Slowly, I let my mind waft freely in the fantasy..
As soon as I started enjoying the massage and was about to fall into the arms of Morpheus, a tight slap woke me up from my dream and said, “Uth jaa saale, exam dene nahin jaana hai?? (Wake up dude; don’t you wanna go write the exams??)”
Crazy dreams you know, but what the heck I wish life will be like this dream in the next 30 years..!!

Jaishree Ram,


  1. Anandi ChakrabortyMay 15, 2010, 3:21:00 PM interesting but rather funny post bro...
    really...what all things you keep dreaming throughout the day yar..!!!!!!!

  2. awesome y 30 yrs...........serials k tarah not "20 saal baad" or the movie "2050"..hahaha LOLZ........n 99th floor???? clouds r gr8 bt u wont njoy that view every tym i guess.............but gr8 u dream 2 that extent........its really interesting n fascinating.........keep on dreaming n sharing it with us...........

  3. insaan hai ya only robots bina hile sb ho gya to it may get boring yaar,sports ka v dream dekho wrna mote ho jaaoge.........hehehehe

  4. saaleb kya utpatang likhta hai................................................

  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddbhut