Sunday, February 14, 2010

Numero Uno..!!

Gud morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrning Chennai..
It’s a bright summer morning here in Chennai..and here i am Prateek..Cool as a cucumber..spicy as sambar and lucky as lottery ka number..!!its valentines day guys nd shake up ur booties nd asses nd get urselves out of ur cosy couches nd go out nd grap the moment..get a gal..spare some kisses nd  rock bomb.!!watever u do ppl jst remember one saint advise from SexyTruth(“me”) :
Live positive, be positive, think positive but don’t ever TEST positive
As for now spare me..!!even i wanna grap dis day to d fullest.. will post asap..u try letting me know if u wanna listen to ne specific topic in my view or i will continue wit my nonstop bak bak..
So Bachna Ae i cum..!!

Jaishree Ram,


  1. its cool keep it on men ur going good

  2. Yeah its nice....but thoda jyada ho gaya...:O
    well at least u should remember dat...YE PUBLIC HAI YE SAB JAANTI HAI... :P

  3. well who is jayshree??????????????????
    and ya...try writing in simple font style.
    about original as you....good one.

  4. The content is quite refreshing but the topic is as old as ages.About the population,your views need to be more discrete,aimed at a single point.I also personally think that three should be the maximum number of children a family should have.Your views about this is original.
    About the SRK issue,I think he is the best and i think he and we should not be bothered if some petty attention seeker group tries to defame him because he is the god of indian cinema and the gods can never be defamed.
    I like your style of writing.Keep up the good work,so that i can give you critical acclaim.